Javascript: An Animation Software with the 2D context canvas in mode Pixel Art

Today we present a massive Project written in Pure Javascript language at 95% and 3% of NodeJS, which goes beyond the result of a simple tutorial for beginners. And who tried to push the frontier of the first goal of the Javascript origin which was just a language to add some humorous extras and movable piece on the static page of the HTML. HTML who is a language to structure the text of a web page read by your web browser as Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Opéra.

This project use C libraries on the server side to produce videos from the HTML canvas.

Now with the last HTML 5, you can make 2d pixel art, vector graphic picture vector graphs, 3d showrooms with webgl and some 3d simulations in many popular web browsers on tablets Android and PC or Mac.

So today we present a paint application who was created to draw with the 2d HTML canvas in mode pixels art for the ereaders market to avoid eye strain for artists.

Animation Software

Javascript ECMAScript 2015 was chosen to allow a developer to write quickly the code, the beginning of this project began between 2015 and 2018 when Large screen e-readers and digital notes in 13.3inch showed 15 frames per second without a lot of ghost effect when this type of device was refreshed.

Some e-reader tablets in 2023 as the Onyx Boox Tab X have a WACOM layer and come with a stylus, as the Dasung PaperLikeHD can show a film in gray scale, and yet some brands try to launch e-readers with 4096 colors and when you have known an e-reader 10 years ago to show just one frame per second the evolution let’s speechless.

The ereader was sold more than 10 years ago in 7-inch format by the world, one of the famous devices sold was the Kindle of Amazon but now these devices can have panels with a diagonal of 25.3 inches curved or not, with speakers, microphones and we saw someone too with a camera.

And not any paint app for e-readers was created professionally for this market often that was Android apps used in the background and the result on classical LCD was ugly so a project began in Javascript and PHP between 2015 and 2018, Python was tested but the programmer thought that this language was too heavy in term of RAM and PHP not practical to make a 2d paint app for e-reader so it was forgotten, Java is nears Javascript in term of RAM, and C and C++ were put on the side because on the first real ereader had a lack of RAM and so Opengl and DirectX was not allowed.

So the first paint application was launched in 2018, just a toolbox with rectangles, circles, lines, and a symmetry X Y as features, after that a cl shading render engine was added to fill the white surface and change the black trace by a color, layers were and a time line with a light table system was added to produce traditional animation. A different tools for animator well known as gold rules, flip tools, 2d polygons, multi language possibilities.

And when we saw the project we thought is it Open Source? Sorry, not completely the server side is not put online and there is not an open GitHub, but you can see the code with Firefox tools for the client side.

If you are a young programmer in Javascript you can see here a real project in construction and not yet a framework to sell shoes, something different for your background, because there are multiple manners to think of a program and when you will create a specific application or a game or as here an animation software you will program differently even if you use the same language.

You can follow the project on https://animation-software.com

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