Anime Characters as Role Models for Students: Lessons in Resilience and Determination

Many modern children of different ages are either fanatical or simply interested in Japanese animated series. Modern anime have fantastic heroes, supernatural powers, and battles of good and evil. The main question: Can modern anime teach students useful qualities?

For today’s teenagers, it’s important to be inspired by a good role model. This hero must be sympathetic to their problems. The themes of college, students, the struggle for truth, and first love are very popular in modern anime. Students get very tired of struggling with their homework. Therefore, the fight between anime characters and fantastic creatures looks very emblematic. Anime heroes have superpowers that make their lives much easier. Find your superpower with free essay examples. Possibility to find free memoir essay for inspiration to make your life more convenient. This is an easy way to get good grades and make a study less stressful. Check the best essay and set aside the time to watch your favorite manga.

Anime Characters as Role Models for Students


This is a popular anime, because thanks to it, whole generations know who the Hokage is, and what “path of the ninja” Naruto has chosen. The image of Naruto shows that even an outcast child can find his place. Through hard work, Naruto achieves recognition in his village and fulfills his dream of being a Hokage. This helps students believe in themselves and go toward their goals. In the anime Naruto, friendship values prevail and justice and moral conclusions are followed. Together with the main characters, the audience experiences joy and sorrow and at the same time becomes stronger.

Spice and Wolf

This anime is excellent and sweet. She-wolf and Spices is a Japanese myth about a wolf girl who missed caring for people for a long time but was unable to break the long-term commitment. However, Lawrence, a traveling salesman, managed to liberate her. The two of them started out on a new voyage while simultaneously aiding everyone. This is a pretty wonderful and interesting tale that began as a successful business transaction for all parties. The heroes of this anime teach how important is to keep their promises

Hack // SIGN

It is a cult anime for many gamers. Additionally, it discusses the game’s environment. Tsukasa, one of the players, suddenly finds himself unable to exit from the game. He does not comprehend or know how this occurred. However, he steps in to help Subaru, the commander of the Order of the Crimson Knights. Subaru made the decision to determine why Tsukasa is unable to exit the game. As a result of the out-of-control situation, we receive a stale but respectable animation. This anime explores the issue of gambling addiction, which is common among young people. Tsukas is making an effort to approach this issue differently.


The theme of college life and everyday life is highly developed in the world of Japanese anime. The topic seems to be boring and banal, but the Japanese manage to present it interestingly. You just can’t tear yourself away until you watch the credits of the last episode of the final season. And one of the best in this regard is ToraDora! – the story of Ryuji Takasu, nicknamed the Dragon, a modest guy with a yakuza appearance, in love with a cute girl Minori. He suddenly encountered the most dangerous creature in school – Taiga Aisaka with the nickname Tiger. The twisted story is noble, and there are a lot of funny and sad moments in it. The story of school love is so close to each of us. Ryuji Takasu reveals that he is also a shy student.

Anime is not only a children’s genre. It raises important topics. Hayao Miyazaki is one of the creators of deep anime. Hayao Miyazaki‘s anime often contain subtle messages and themes that are thought-provoking and inspiring.

Some common themes in his films include:

  • Environmentalism – many Miyazaki’s films contain elements of environmentalism and tell about heroes who fight to protect nature and the natural world from human destruction.
  • Women’s empowerment – Many Miyazaki films feature strong, easily recognizable female characters portrayed as leaders and heroes, breaking the traditional form of passive and submissive female characters in anime.
  • Anti-war and peaceful – Miyazaki’s films often show the devastating effects of war and violence on individuals and communities, and promote the ideals of peace and nonviolent conflict resolution.
  • Growing up – Many Miyazaki films follow young characters as they grow and mature, learning important life lessons.
  • Hope and determination – Miyazaki’s films often feature characters who face seemingly insurmountable difficulties, but through perseverance and determination, they overcome them and succeed.


Anime is a modern form of presenting information. Next to the beautiful picture is hidden deep content. Modern heroes of anime and manga are able to teach endurance and determination. Starting your journey with Naruto, you can reach deep Miyazaki’s anime. Watch anime and open their imaginary and fantastic narrative.

Author: Karl Bowman
Since childhood, he loved to watch cartoons, and then anime. He appreciates anime for its imaginative storytelling, beautiful animation, and timeless themes. He is a member of an anime club and constantly follows new products. Watching anime inspires him to write new creative texts.

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