Burn The Witch Review, Season 2 Possibilities

Burn the witch Season 2
Burn The Witch Season 2

It was announced in March 2020 that manga is getting adapted into an anime and will receive a theatrical release in October 2020. The series is adapted into anime by Studio Colorido.

If you don’t know Burn The Witch is a limited manga series consisting of only 4 chapters which are bundled as a volume. The writer of Burn the Witch is famous manga writer Tite Kubo who has also well-known for his work Bleach.

The Movie or you could say 3 Episode Series premiered on Crunchyroll on 2nd October 2020 and the first reviews are very good. The story explores a magical world where two realities exist. Front London and Reverse London.

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Burn The Witch Review

The short but interesting series gives you the Harry Potter Hogwarts School vibes. Well, I enjoy watching and reading fantasy and a fan of creatures. You will get to see some good dragons some bad dragons and some legendary dragons. The story revolves around two lead characters Ninny Sequins and Noeru Shimbashi.

Possessed Dragon From Burn the Witch
Possessed Dragon From BTW

Both of them are part of an organization named ‘Wing Bind’ and their work is to protect the citizens of Reverse London from bad or possessed dragons. The adventure continuous and they have to fight some authorities and some legendary dragon.

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Burn The Witch Season 2

The manga was a one-shot as I told you earlier and only consists of four chapters but considering the popularity of the anime and love for the characters might change things. Well, the series must be given a chance and should be explored into a full-length anime.

Seeing the characters backstories and knowing about the world they are in will be very interesting but there is still no guarantee of Burn the witch Season 2 so we can’t say anything at the moment but we hope we will hear some good news soon.

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Burn The Witch PV

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