Tokyo Revengers Episode 12 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch Online

Tokyo Revengers Episode 12 will continue the story in the future where everything seems fine. Hina is saved, Akkun is running a hair salon and more to be revealed in the next episode. Read till the end for all the details about the upcoming episode.

What happened in Tokyo Revengers Episode 11?

In the previous episode, we saw that the cops were about to arrive at the parking lot. Kiyomasa’s subordinates left leaving Kiyomasa behind. Draken and Takemichi were taken to hospital in an ambulance.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 12 Release Date and Time, Where to Watch Online in English Subtitles

On the other side, the battle Toman vs Moebius almost finished but Hanma left saying that he is forming a new gang with someone and he is vice president. The gang’s name is ‘Valhalla’. Draken is looking serious and said thanks that seemed like his farewell message.

He was rushed to the emergency room. Emma, Hina, and others also arrived at the hospital. After that Mitsuya, Pah-yan, and Mikey.  Mikey said not to worry everyone as he said Draken promised him that they’ll reach the top together.

After the sometime doctor came out of the emergency room and said that the surgery was a success and Draken’s life is out of danger now. Everyone was happy over this news and Mitsuya and others delivered the news to members waiting outside.

Tokyo Revengers Ep 12 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch in English Subtitles

This also means that Takemichi completed his mission by saving Draken. Now, takemichi is the talk of the town at least between delinquents. Takemichi went to see Draken and Draken gave him Mikey’s first uniform.

Mikey was roof waiting for Takemichi. Mikey is suspicious of how Takemichi knew about the internal fight and Kiyomasa is going to target Draken. After that Takemichi goes to meet Hina and Naoto with a gift for Hina.

Takemichi thinks that Darken is alive so the future must be changed now. He wakes up in the store where he worked before he met Naoto. A schedule notification came on his mobile screen.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 12 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch with English Subtitles

He went to the salon to find out that Akkun is a hairdresser now. This means he changed the future. Then he received a call from an unknown number saying you changed the future. It was from Naoto. Naoto said let’s go meet my sister.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 12 Release Date and Time

Tokyo Revengers Episode 12 will be released on Saturday, 26 June, 2021, at 10:08 AM PST. Release Date and Time may differ for different time zones.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 12 Release date26th June 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 12 Release Time2:08 PM JST

Where To Watch Tokyo Revengers Episode 12 Online with English Subtitles?

Tokyo Revengers Episode 12 can be watched online through below mentioned anime streaming services.

CountryStreaming Service
TaiwanBahamut Anime Crazy
Southeast AsiaBilibili
United States, France, Germany, Remaining Europe, and others excluding AsiaCrunchyroll (Eng Sub)
Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand, and VietnamMuse Asia (Eng Sub)

Tokyo Revengers Episode 11 covered till Chapter 30 from the manga. If you wish to read the Tokyo Revengers Manga you can start from Chapter 30 if you are up to date with anime.

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