Why Adults Should Watch Anime

Most Western cartoons cater to young ones. But not anime. The famed Japanese animated cartoon form appeals to viewers of all ages, making it a $25.62 billion global industry.

Of course, the stereotypical big-eyed characters and unique design styles and animations often attract kids more than adults in the US. But don’t be deceived—they have much to offer adults with their excellent storylines and exciting plots. So, if you still have not explored the world of anime, you are certainly missing out on an iconic entertainment form.

Why Should Adults Watch Anime?

There are various reasons for older viewers to explore Japanese anime series and movies. Here are the main ones:

There is an extensive selection of genres to enjoy.

When it comes to anime, you will find something for everyone. Thousands of shows have been created over the decades, with hundreds more added each year.

You can find them in numerous genres—from romance, drama, and fantasy to sci-fi, action, horror, and supernatural. They also come in different formats, including limited series, movies, and regular shows, with episodes usually ranging from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

They provide important life lessons and learning moments.

While many of the shows could seem a tad over the top at first glance, anime storylines are not entirely unusual, strange, or out of the ordinary. They are full of characters who lead regular lives and experience common human emotions, from love and joy to jealousy and anger.

Each heroic character is thoughtfully created with inspiring yet surprisingly relatable qualities. Son Goku in Dragon Ball Z, for instance, is much loved for his kindness, courage, compassion, and respectful nature. Naruto Uzumaki, Izuku Midoriya, and Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach) have all inspired millions of anime fans worldwide with their admirable characteristics, values, and action.

Moreover, their plots often contain powerful life lessons. You will find villains that teach you about the perils of pursuing vengeance and those who turn a new leaf in life with the help of a noble Good Samaritan. There are lessons of good prevailing over the bad and the importance of standing strong against all odds with courage and determination.

Anime is fun and entertaining.

Anime shows are highly entertaining, with exciting storylines to keep you glued to the screen. Whether you are looking for an action thriller filled with suspense or some lighthearted fun with rib-tickling comedy, there are countless shows to cater to your entertainment needs.

With memorable plots and affable characters, anime series are perfect for relieving stress after a hectic day at work. Anime could also be a source of escapism for you to forget the constant pressures of the real world and immerse in a magical universe where anything is possible.

Today, anime shows are available on many popular streaming platforms, including Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. You can find dubbed series as well as those with subtitles, so you don’t miss out on the narrative.

They offer valuable cultural insights.

While not all anime series are produced in Japan, many popular ones still have roots in this fascinating Far Eastern nation.

The fact remains that anime is quintessentially a part of Japanese culture. For decades, it has told stories centered on the country’s historical accounts, legends, myths, and fables.

Even modern narratives provide insights into Japan’s culture; For example, anime series typically feature popular J-pop and J-rock music. The plots emphasize values highly respected and cherished by the Japanese—from respect and politeness to integrity and compassion. And the characters give you a glimpse into the Japanese way of life.

Anime also contains cultural references to language, names, food, games, and traditions. For instance, you can learn about Japanese calligraphy in Barakamon and the traditional card game karuta in the series Chihayafuru.

You get to become part of a global community of fans.

The popularity of anime shows has given rise to a modern subculture with large swaths of followers from across the world. Widely known as “otaku”, these fans are highly active online, forming communities to share news, reviews, opinions, and tips with those with shared interests.

Reddit, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and other popular platforms feature dedicated communities, groups, forums, and message boards for anime fans to connect and interact. There are also fan sites such as Wattpad that attract anime enthusiasts from all walks of life.

In addition, there are anime bloggers, vloggers, and even influencers for you to follow. Well-known online personalities include US-based Mastar Media, British-born Garnt Maneetapho, and Filipino-American Agnes Diego.

But this community engagement extends beyond cyberspace. There are festivals, performances, talks, and various other events that bring together ardent anime fans. Even Japanese cities and towns associated with popular anime series have become tourist hotspots for fans in neighboring countries and Western nations.

US, Europe, and Asia also host annual conventions that allow you to interact with anime musicians, scriptwriters, and artists. Some of the popular events include the AnimeJapan held in Tokyo and Japan Expo hosted in Paris. Many of these are fun cosplay gatherings where attendees dress up like their favorite anime characters.

There are large conventions held in the US, too. The Los Angeles-based Anime Expo and Anime Matsuri hosted in Houston, in particular, are well known among followers. These gatherings allow you to meet fans from various states, so you can network and make new friends. But of course, ensuring your safety is important when attending such events; Avoid sharing too much personal information, and use PhoneHistory to protect yourself from scammers.

To Wrap Up

Over the years, anime shows have attracted a massive global audience. Originating in Japan, anime has created its own subculture, providing a platform for fans to celebrate their favorite series and characters, both online and in the real world. But remember, it is also an art form that is not just limited to youngsters.

As an adult, there are numerous reasons to immerse yourself in the magical universe of anime. Anime shows are fun and entertaining and offer an extensive selection of genres. They contain valuable cultural insights as well as life lessons. The massive community of fans and the networking opportunities are an experience of their own you should not miss.

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