Tokyo Revengers Episode 2 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch

Tokyo Revengers Episode 1 was great in all meanings and we expect the same from Tokyo Revengers Episode 2 too. For more details like release date, time, etc. about episode 2 read the article till the end.

In the last episode, we saw Takemichi Hanagaki’s story who is 26 years old and is a perfectionist for saying sorry throughout his life. He hears a news about two deaths ccaused by a gang related fight. The victims were Tachibana Hinata and Tachibana Naoto.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 2 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch

Suddenly the name goes through Takemichi’s mind and he remembers that she was his one and only girlfriend in Junior High. After that he leaves for work and his whole life was going through his mind about how miserable hebecame after being dumped by Hinata.

With no hope in his eyes, he continues his life saying sorry to everyone. For returning home he goes to a subway station but someone pushes him and he finds himself in front of a train. Takemichi thinks his life is over but without realizing he wakes up exactly twelve years in the past from the present time.

He first thought that this is a dream and his life is going through his mind but it wasn’t, he actually leaped through time. He now encounters the third year from another school with his gang and gets beaten up badly. He remembers Hinata but forgot her face and goes to see her at her home.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 2 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch

After some time he leaves and found a kid being bullied by some kids and saves the kid from the bullies. The kid turns out to be Hinata’s brother Naoto and Takemichi tells him the story that how they both (Brother and sister) are going to die exactly 12 years from now and shakes Naoto’s hand.

The trigger to time travel is Takemichi shaking Naoto’s hand. Takemichi wakes up in a medical facility and finds out that Naoto saved him. After that Naoto comes and said he is a detective now but he couldn’t save his sister and Takemichi is the only one who can save Hinata. The story continues in Tokyo Revengers Episode 2.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 2 Release date and Time

Tokyo Revengers Episode 2 is set to be premiered on 18th April 2021. It will officially air on Sunday at 2:08 PM JST.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 2 Release date11th April 2021
Tokyo Revengers Episode 2 Release Time2:08 PM JST

Where to Watch Tokyo Revengers Episode 2?

Tokyo Revengers Episode 2 can be streamed and watched through below mentioned anime streaming services.

CountryStreaming Service
TaiwanBahamut Anime Crazy
Southeast AsiaBilibili
United States, France, Germany, Remaining Europe, and others excluding AsiaCrunchyroll
Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand, and VietnamMuse Asia

About Tokyo Revengers Manga

Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese manga published by Kodansha in weekly shonen magazine since March 2017. It is written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. Tokyo Revengers is widely famous among readers as of February 2020 It already had 3 million copies in circulation.

A live-action movie with the same name will also release in July 2021. It is directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa under the banner of Warner Bros. Japan Studio.

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