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Kengan Omega Chapter 100 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release date

Kengan Omega Chapter 100 will begin with the attack of Hayami Masaki as he has not shown any moves during this entire fight. This will be the third chapter of the fight between Hayami and Jurota. Keep reading for raw scans, spoilers, and release date.

In the previous chapter, we saw that Kushida Rin was asking Teddy Nelner to join the Kengan Association, but Teddy declined. Teddy is the world champion in Judo 100 kg+ division. Kushida and Teddy are actually waiting for someone else. Kushida tells Teddy about the Kengan vs Purgatory tournament. Kushida asks Teddy that if he knows something about Jurota.

Kengan Omega Chapter 100 Raw scans, Spoilers Release Date

Teddy tells Kushida that he has never met Jurota in person but tells her that Jurota may be powerful than himself. On the other side, Hayami gets up and tries to attack Jurota but is again thrown to the ground. Observing the replay, Jerry says that Jurota is grabbing the sleeves of Hayami between his fingers. Lolong says that Jurota is capable of throwing his opponent without grabbing and thus has no weakness.

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Ohma says that the principle behind Jurota’s technique is the same as his redirection kata but Jurota is more skilled than him. Ohma asks Kanoh that if he can copy the same moves as Jurota. Kanoh says that it is not possible for him to imitate the same moves. Kuroki says that Jurota is as powerful as him.

Kengan Omega Chapter 100 release date

Kengan Omega chapter 100 will be released on Wednesday 3rd March 2021. The manga is serialized in the Ura Sunday magazine. The English version will be available within 24 hours i.e. on 4th March 2021.

Kengan omega chapter 100 release date3rd March 2021
Kengan omega chapter 100 raw scans release4th March 2021

Kengan Omega Chapter 100 Raw scans

Kengan Omega Chapter 100 raw scans will be available by 3rd March around 2:30 PM GMT. Raw scans will be added here as well so keep checking the site and bookmark this article.

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Kengan Omega chapter 100 spoilers

Chapter 100 will finally show us the true strength of Hayami Masaki as he now understands the difference in power level between him and Jurota. It’s possible that Hayami’s true personality is just as brutal as his brother Meguro. The possible spoilers for chapter 100 are –

  • Hayami is going to use some new moves on Jurota.
  • The music which is being played on earphones could be revealed.
  • It is possible that Hayami uses that music to keep himself calm.
  • Some scenes from the Kure vs westward faction fight can be shown.
  • Also, there was no mention of Gaoh in the last chapter so he can also make an appearance.

Where to read Kengan Omega Chapter 100?

As for the raws, they will be available on this site on 3rd March 2021. The English version will be uploaded on various manga uploading sites on 4th March 2021.

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These are the spoilers for Kengan Omega 100 we can tell you for now, for more we will have to wait some time. Till then you can follow us on Twitter for more news and updates related to your favorite anime and manga series.

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