Horimiya Episode 13 Release Date, Time, Where to watch?

Horimiya Episode 13 will end the beautiful and romantic run of Horimiya season 1 and we hope Season 2 gets announced very soon, And it can also be announced at the end of episode 13. Also, If you are looking for some animes after Horimiya ends, we have got a perfect list ready for you. You can check the list here.

In the last episode of Horimiya, we saw that Yoshikawa visited Toru’s house and Toru gets teased for being Rich. After that Christmas was coming and Hori san was thinking about whether Miyamura would come on christmas or not. The Kyoko family wants him to come pretty badly.

Horimiya Episode 13 Release Date, Time, Preview, Where to watch?

After that Toru talks about Yuki to President and Iura. Then at school Yuki asks Toru if she can come over to his home to finish the game they started and Toru can’t deny her request, he tried but he couldn’t. After they both sneaked into Toru’s house but got caught by Yashiro san.

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After that President is scared of Bugs and doesn’t want to visit Remi’s house on Christmas and invited her over to his house but he can’t deny Remi’s tears. On Christmas, Miyamura came to deliver the cake but it took more than an hour to leave Kyoko’s house. You can read the full recap below.

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Horimiya Episode 13 Release Date and Time

Horimiya episode 13 will be released at 12:30 AM JST this Saturday, 3rd April 2021. The Release date and time depend on your region and timezone. Convert it to your timezone to get the exact idea of release time.

Horimiya Episode 13 Release Date3rd April 2021
Horimiya Episode 13 Release Time12:30 AM JST

Where to watch Horimiya episode 13 Officially?

You can watch Horimiya Episode 13 on AnimeLab that serves the anime in Australia & New Zealand with English Dub & Sub, Funimation that broadcasts it in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, and Mexico, and Hulu but these services are region bound and will only show episode 13 in selected regions.

While for southeast Asia, it can be seen on the Bilibili official app, and for France, Germany, and other European countries it can be seen on Wakanim.

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Horimiya Episode 12 Recap

Horimiya episode 12 mainly focused on Christmas and Toru and Yoshikawa. We first saw that Yuki visited Toru’s home and was amused by his big house and teases him for being rich. After that Hori san is confused about whether Miyamura is visiting on Christmas or not.

Now Toru has developed feelings for Yoshikawa and he accepts it in front of President and Iura Kun but he still does not get what to do next. Well everyone is clueless on this topic but President said something really cool. After that Yuki asks Toru if she can come over to his house to complete the game they started.

Horimiya Anime Episode 13 Release Date, Time, Preview, Where to watch?

Firstly Toru declines as he does not how to behave around Yuki anymore and he gets weird every time. But he can not deny her request and Yuki can not understand what he was trying to do. After that Toru sneaks her into his house without anyone noticing but Yashiro san comes and things get pretty funny.

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After that President and Remi’s segment was pretty funny over who is going to the whose house on Christmas. President did not want to visit Remi’s house as she got various bug collections at her house and the president is scared of them but in the end, he somehow gathers the courage to go.

Hori san is thinking about what she is going to do after their high school is over and the things between Miyamura and her are going to be the same? Also, the part where Hori san’s mom teased Hori and ‘Miyamura belongs to all of us’ part was very funny.

Miyamura was busy on Christmas as he had to help at his cake shop but he came to deliver the cake and it took more than an hour as he stopped for a drink but Kyoko family was all excited. After that Hori san goes with Miyamura and asks about things they are going to do after graduation.

Miyamura replies with ‘Marry me’ and things got pretty weird after that as Hori san was saying things a man should be saying to his girlfriend. More to be revealed in Horimiya episode 13.

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