Helck Episode 1 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch Online

Helck is one of the many series an anime fan should look out for. Helck Episode 1 will start the anime adaptation of the famous web manga which explores the themes of action and fantasy. The story is quite unique and if the animation is done properly, people are going to love the anime series.

The story starts after the demon king gets killed by a single person. Humanity is celebrating this cause while the demons are tense about who will take the empty place of the demon king. It gets decided that there will be a tournament to decide who will take the throne of the demon king.

Helck Episode 1 Release Date Time Where to Watch Online English Subtitles Netflix Crunchyroll

Helck, the protagonist despite being a human fighter emerges as the top candidate to become the demon king and he is also well-liked by the demons because he also wants to destroy humanity. But this is all just the tip of the iceberg and there are so many mysteries that are going to be revealed soon as the story progresses further.

Helck Episode 1 Release Date

Helck Episode 1 is scheduled to get released on 12th July 2023 at 1:29 AM according to Japanese Time. The series will be simulcasted on streaming services along with the official Japanese TV release. Check out the services below that are streaming Helck anime.

Helck Episode 1 Release Date12th July 2023

Helck Episode 1 Release Time

Helck Episode 1 will be released at 1:29 AM JST(Japanese Standard Time) and will be available to watch in various regions at the mentioned time in the below table.

Eastern Release Time12:29 p.m. ET
Central Release Time11:29 a.m. CT
Pacific Release Time9:29 a.m. PT
Indian Release Time9:59 PM IST

Where to Watch Helck Episode 1 Online?

Helck Episode 1 can be watched on various streaming services depending on their service area. We are listing some of them and you can use them to watch Mashle anime.

TerritoriesStreaming Service
EuropeAkiba Pass TV
FranceAnimation Digital Network

Helck Anime Trailer


The story of the Helck series takes place in an alternative world where humans, demons, and angels coexist. The protagonist, Helck, is a powerful human warrior known for his incredible strength and fighting skills. He has a goal to finish the ongoing war between humans and demons by defeating the Demon King.

Helck is a human hero but he does not like humans and sides with the demons as they want to destroy humanity. Suddenly the Demon King gets killed by a single person. Humans celebrate this while the demons are going to organize a tournament to decide who will be the next Demon King.

Helck Episode 1 Release Date Time Where to Watch Online English Subtitles Netflix Crunchyroll

Vamirio is a female angel who initially opposes Helck at first but eventually becomes his ally. Vamirio has a complex past and struggles with her beliefs, leading to a complicated relationship with protagonist Helck. Aku is a young girl with extraordinary powers. Aku’s origins and connection to the Demon King are a mystery, and she becomes instrumental in Helck’s quest.

After some time the face that is most suitable to become the next Demon King is a human and he is none other than our protagonist Helck. On the surface, he looks like he hates humans and wants to destroy humanity but no one knows what the actual truth is, and gets revealed later in the story.

Helck manga series is written and illustrated by Nanaki Nanao and this is his first manga. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates related to Helck Episode 1. Make sure to check out all the latest anime and manga spoilers and news.

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