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Fire Force Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Episode Count

With Captain Hague killed by a White Clad and Shinra witnessing it through Adolla Link, the White Clad are finally on the move to execute their grand plan to create another Great Cataclysm.

Will the White Clads succeed? Can the Fire Force stop them? Will Shinra meet Sho again? And why did the moon have such a creepy smile? With so many questions unanswered, fans are eagerly waiting for the official announcement of Fire Force Season 3.

Fire Force Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Episode Count Confirmed Episode 1 list reddit

Much like the first season, the second season kept on revealing the secrets behind the flame-clad world. And Fire Force Season 3 will keep on doing that but with more clashes between the White Clads and the Fire Force.

Fire Force Season 3 Release Date:

If we follow the pattern of the previous two seasons, Fire Force Season 3 should have been released in July 2021. But considering the current situation, Fire Force Season 3 will be released in either January 2022 or April 2022.

Fire Force Season 3 Release DateJanuary 2022 or April 2022

Fire Force Season 3 Plot:

Fire Force Season 3 will adapt nine arcs of the manga with a total of 77 chapters (Ch. 175-Ch. 251).

The next arc i.e. The Cataclysm Arc, continuing from Ch. 252, is on Ch. 265 and still going on. It’s in the climax phase right now.

  • Obi’s Rescue Arc (175-197) – Obi has been arrested after Company 8 being branded outlaws through the conspiracy of the white clads.
  • Return to St. Raffles Arc (198-201) – The secret behind the St. Raffles Convent gets unrevealed.
  • Arthur’s Adventure Arc (202-205) – Arthur goes on an adventure to find the real holy blade.
  • Stone Pillar Arc (206-219) – Pillars begin to appear from beneath the earth. Shinra travels into the pre-cataclysm world.
  • Asakusa Showdown Arc (220-229) – Another showdown in Asakusa, this time Benimaru faces off the doppelganger of his master.
  • Kusakabe History Arc (230-233) – In this arc, Shinra’s father is revealed.
  • Final Pillar Arc (234-239) – Shinra engages in a fight with the doppelganger of Raffles which appeared as a gigantic infernal.
  • Battle of Amaterasu Arc (240-251) – Fire Force soldiers fight against the White Clads to stop them from inserting the key into Amaterasu which will begin the Cataclysm.
Fire Force Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date, Plot, Episode Count Confirmed  list Reddit

Fire Force Season 3 Episode List:

Fire Force Season 3 might have a 12 episode season or a 24 episode season depending on the studio’s plan on how to end the series.

If Fire Force Season 3 is a 12 episode season, it will adapt 45 chapters from Ch. 175 to Ch. 219.

And if it gets a 24 episode season it will adapt 77 chapters from Ch. 175 to Ch. 251.

The current arc i.e. The Cataclysm Arc is still ongoing, and, Season 3 might adapt some chapters depending on the series composition.

Name of the ArcNo. of ChaptersNo. of episodes (approx.)
Obi’s Rescue Arc237
Return to St. Raffle’s Arc41
Arthur’s Adventure Arc41
Stone Pillar Arc145
Asakusa Showdown Arc103
Kusakabe History Arc41
Final Pillar Arc62
Battle of Amaterasu Arc124
Fire Force Season 3 Confirmed Episode 1 Release Date, Plot, Episode Count List

Fire Force Season 3 Staff & Cast:

The cast of the previous seasons will surprise their roles while the voice actors for the new characters are yet to be announced.

The staff of both seasons were different, so we can’t be sure if they will reprise their roles or not until the official confirmation.

Fire Force Season 3 Studio:

David Production will animate Fire Force Season 3 as they have done a great job being loyal to the manga.

Though it is not officially announced, David Production will definitely animate JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean looking at the franchise’s history with the studio.

The studio’s other works like Misaki no Mayoiga, the movie, will release on August 27, 2021, and Spriggan to be released in 2021 with no official release date.

Considering those, the Fire Force Season 3 might release in January 2022 at the earliest or mid-2022.


With Spriggan and Stone Ocean with no official release dates, it’s hard to predict the release date of Fire Force Season 3 as it has not yet been announced to be under production yet. But still, we can hope to see Fire Brigade Season 3 being animated within 2022.

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