Dr Stone Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Episode Count, PV

Dr Stone Season 3 was announced right after the ending of the final episode of Dr. Stone: Stone Wars.

With the Kingdom of Science’s victory over the Tsukasa Empire, Hyoga betraying Tsukasa and Tsukasa entering the cold sleep, Senku has to find the source of petrification to petrify Tsukasa and then save him using the Depetrification process.

Dr Stone Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Episode Count, PV

And with that Dr. Stone: Stone Wars ended with Senku deciding to build a ship to travel across the ocean while a new character was teased right at the end of the final episode.

Dr Stone Season 3 Release Date:

Dr Stone Season 3 might release in either Fall 2021 (October) or the first half of 2022.

Dr Stone Season 3 Release DateOctober 2021 or January 2022

Many factors can affect the release date of Dr Stone Season 3. I will discuss those factors later in the Studio section. But before that, let’s see what the plot of Dr Stone Season 3 will be.


Dr Stone Season 3 Plot:

The Dr Stone Season 3 will most probably adapt two arcs of the manga with a total of 56 chapters (Ch. 83 – Ch. 138).

Age of Exploration Arc  (83-100)

In this arc, a new character named Ryusui Nanami will be revived, who has been teased as the stone statue at the end of the final episode. Ryusui will be revived to help Senku build the ship and navigate it with Ryusui’s expertise in sailing.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Episode Count, PV Studio Cast Staff

Treasure Island Arc  (101-138)

In this arc, Senku & Co. will be looking for the rare minerals, especially platinum, that Byakuya left behind in the Soyuz Capsule. That platinum will become the source of unlimited revival fluid. But upon arriving on the treasure island, they face the enemy who has their own petrification device.

Dr Stone Season 3 Episode Count:

Dr Stone Season 3 will have 24 episodes which will adapt 56 chapters from Ch. 83 to Ch. 138.

How can I be so sure, you ask?

Because unlike the second season, which adapted the Stone War Arc with 22 chapters into 11 episodes, the chapter distribution in the next arcs will make it impossible to adapt into a short season.

Name of the ArcNo. of chaptersNo. of episodes (approx.)
Age of Exploration188
Treasure Island3816

Dr Stone Season 3 Staff & Cast:

The cast of the previous seasons will reprise their roles in Dr. Stone Season 3, while the voice actors for the new characters are yet to be announced.

The staff of the previous season will reprise their roles in Dr.Stone Season 3 as they have remained the same for both the first and second seasons And it is unlikely that they will change any staff.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Studio:

Dr. Stone Season 3 will be animated by TMS Entertainment, which has also animated the previous two seasons.

Currently, in Spring 2021, TMS Entertainment is airing three anime, Burning Kabaddi, Nomad: Megalo Box 2, and Fruits Basket: The Final.

They have Spirit Chronicles coming out in July 2021, while Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre will release in 2021, but the exact date is not known yet. They also have an Anpanman movie coming out in June 2021.

Considering the upcoming projects of TMS Entertainment, Dr. Stone Season 3 will come out in Fall 2021 if the third season is already under production, or else it will be released in Winter (January) / Spring (April) 2022.


With all said and done, Dr. Stone Season 3 will be a much different journey than the previous seasons. Be it traveling across the ocean or fighting a new enemy other than Tsukasa, Dr. Stone Season 3 will be a thrilling ride you do not want to miss.

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