Anime vs. Manga: A Never-Ending Battle

Anime vs. Manga: Never-Ending Battle

What’s the issue?

Anime vs. Manga has been a long-time debate in the Otaku community. Manga readers say that Manga is superior because it is the source material from where most Anime came from. On the other hand, Anime watchers argue that Anime is superior because it brings the source material to life. Why is this debate important?

As we all know, those involved in the Otaku community are dedicated to their passion and it has resulted in this never-ending battle of Anime vs. Manga. Whose side are you on? And what are the strengths and weaknesses of each faction? Hold tight and you can decide at the end which of the two is better.


Manga - Anime vs. Manga: Never-Ending Battle Weakness Strength

There are 3 things where anime comes from Manga, Light novels, and original anime ideas. Most of the time, Anime comes from Manga and the plot and concept are also based on it. You could say that Manga is the original form of Anime itself. So what are its strengths and downsides when talked about in the constant struggle of Anime vs. Manga?


As said earlier the biggest advantage that Manga has against Anime is that it is where most Anime comes from. Shows such as Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, and One Piece all started as a Manga series rather than an Anime. The second is that Manga does not require you to wait years before another season comes out.

Manga is constantly being updated by the authors every few weeks, well except for Hunter X Hunter. Lastly, Manga does not have the vulnerability of an Anime Adaptation. Some anime adaptations tend to stray away from the source material, while some try to bring something new and end up with a low-quality adaptation. 


The first weakness that Manga has in the debate of Anime vs. Manga is that what you see is what you get. No matter how hard you argue, there’s no room for change as it always follows the author’s vision. Next is that hardcopy Manga, especially outside Japan. is hard to find, there is also a delay when new volumes are released since it takes a long time to translate. And most of all, if the author of the Manga no longer wants to work on the series then it will suddenly stop just like HxH


Anime - Anime vs. Manga: Never-Ending Battle Weakness Strength

It’s time for Anime’s counterattack. In the fight of Anime vs. Manga, both sides have their ups and downs. Anime has that vividness and brings the Manga reader’s imagination to life. So how does it fare against Manga?


Anime has an upper hand against Manga because it brings the author and reader’s thoughts to the screen. It makes the scenes more fluid and alive as well as adds music that enhances the experience. Next, Anime can take the art in the manga to the next level. It adds not only color but adds effects that give more impact. Finally, in the discussion of Anime vs. Manga, Anime has an advantage in how it is available to almost everyone who has an internet connection.


Anime lacks the consistency that Manga has. A series has multiple seasons and each season can either release every year or once every 5 years so you have to be patient. Second is Anime can ruin the amazing quality that the Manga has already started, one example of this is the latest Berserk Anime adaptation. In addition, there are only a handful of amazing Anime original ideas that could live up to the great reputation of adaptations that came from Manga.

In the never-ending battle of Anime vs. Manga, the two giants have always been in an eternal stalemate. So who do you think won this debate? Is it Manga or Anime? 

Author’s Corner

I am an Anime and Manga enthusiast that loves to write. Writing and being an Otaku is my passion. I have a site where you can read the One Punch Man manga for free. If you have time and love One Punch Man check it out.

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