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20 Best Romance Manhwa Of All Time To Read With Your Partner in 2024

Romance is one of the primary genres in all entertainment fields, whether you watch movies and anime or read manga and manhwa. In today’s manhwa recommendation, we will introduce you to some of the best romance manhwa that you will enjoy with your partner.

No matter what’s to your taste, you will surely find something to your taste and find yourself immersed in their love story. While reading these romance manhwa, you will learn several aspects of love, like what it means to love someone and how to express your affection to your partner.

Let’s dive right into this fantastic list. Pick a romance manhwa that suits your taste and enjoy reading!

Note: Each of these romance manhwa is ranked according to their fans’ popularity and the quality of their love story.

20 Best Romance Manhwa Of All Time (Ranked)

20. This Villain Wants A Divorce

This Villain Wants A Divorce
Source: This Villain Wants A Divorce Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 118 (Finished in February 2023)

Let’s start with a well-known romance manhwa, “This Villainess Wants a Divorce,” in which the negative female lead wants to get divorced from the hero. While reading her favorite novel, a young girl unfortunately dies in a traffic accident and transfers into the novel world that she is reading.

She wakes up in the body of Canaria, the valiant wife of Caesar, the hero of the story. Her supposing role is to spy on Caesar’s kingdom and pass all information to her father for their own sake.

Due to being familiar with the story of the novel, she decides to do things she wants instead of playing the supposing role. Now, Canaria has a plan to befriend her husband and live happily with them since the main female lead makes her debut. 

19. The Lady and The Beast

The Lady and The Beast
Source: The Lady and The Beast Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 130 (Still Ongoing)

The Lady and the Beast is a popular action-romance manhwa that revolves around a beautiful girl and her reincarnation. She was once a great Empress Martina, who unfortunately died after experiencing heartbroken moments in a bloodshed battle.

Later, she reincarnated in a humble count as Astina, a genius girl. She is living a peaceful life with her new family until her father goes bankrupt. To save her family from bankruptcy, she unknowingly marries Atalenta, a terrible guy known as Beast.

Astina faced problems living together with her husband, who usually turned into a monster due to his family curse. However, Astina found that her simple kiss turned Atlanta back to human form and seemed to somehow connect Atlanta to her past life. 

18. Flirting with the Villain’s Dad

Flirting with the Villain’s Dad
Source: Flirting with the Villain’s Dad Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 140 (Still Ongoing)

The title of the series, “Flirting With the Villain’s Dad,” tells us that the female lead is flirting with the villain’s dad. She is not just flirting but also trying to marry the villain’s dad.

The series follows the story of Yerenika, who wakes up in a novel world as the second princess of a rural kingdom. She is not interested in playing her supposed novel role of being a hostage between her home and kingdom.

Yerenika just wants to marry Euredian, who is destined to marry someone who gave birth to the villain of the story. As a result, she keeps trying to marry Euredian to just change her fate so that the villain will not be born. 

17. The Villainess Is a Marionette

The Villainess Is a Marionette
Source: The Villainess Is a Marionette Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 43 (Still Ongoing)

The Villainess Is a Marionette depicts the story of Kayena Hill, who wakes up in the novel’s world as the daughter of the Emperor. In this world, she is blessed with exceptional beauty and is considered the most beautiful woman in the kingdom.

However, she is destined to die, no matter what she is doing, and she has already died two times. Now, she is not ready to die a third time and decides to do things differently by not being a pawn for anyone.

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After living two lives, she is completely aware of the entire story and is now realizing what needs to be done and what’s to be avoided. In her third life, she also gets involved with multiple potential love interests to find an ideal companion in her story. 

16. Beware the Villainess

Beware the Villainess
Source: Beware the Villainess Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 128 (Finished in October 2022)

Beware the Villainess is one of the best isekai manhwa that features a beautiful love story. This romance manhwa follows the wonderful story of a college girl who wakes up in the novel world as the main villain, Melissa Foddebrat.

She is not happy with her villain position and can’t see the four male leads take over everything. She made up her mind to overthrow them all by discontinuing her role as a villain.

Now, she does things in different ways, which eventually leads to multiple love interests with all male leads. Each of her relationships brings different challenges, twists, and turns that give her character a new shape. Now, it’s interesting to see where this unexpected love story takes Melissa. 

15. Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage

Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage
Source: Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 123 (Finished in September 2023)

“Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage” is another popular romance manhwa to read. It follows the story of Jubelian, who is framed in an attempted murder case and is about to be executed.

She never expects the father whom she loves the most and the lover whom she believes the most will ever turn back to her and leave her to die. However, she unfortunately gets back in time and gets a second chance to relive.

As she comes back in time, she immediately breaks up with her lover and also stops trying to win love and respect from her father. This is because she already saw how big a betrayal they were, so why waste her time on them again?

Now, she used her father’s fortune to live her second life to the fullest and get into a contract relationship with Max, an ideal lover. 

14. Roxana

Source: Roxana Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 43 (Still Ongoing)

Roxana is another must-read manhwa for romance lovers that follows the story of a girl who wakes up in another world. Moreover, she wakes up in the body of Roxana, the daughter of the Agreces family, known as the notorious villain family.

On the other hand, Sylvia keeps trying to find her brother, Cassis, who was abducted by the Agreces family. They held Cassis in their prison and kept torturing him in different ways.

While everyone in Roxana’s family enjoys torturing Cassis, she is the only one who secretly helps him recover. Now, it’s quite interesting to know how far a villain’s daughter will go to save her family’s enemy to prove her immense love for him.

13. Villains Are Destined to Die

Villains Are Destined to Die
Source: Villains Are Destined to Die Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 135 (Still Ongoing)

Villains Are Destined to Die is one of the best manhwa where the MC is a villain. It depicts the challenging life story of a girl who reincarnated into a gaming world in her character’s body.

Moreover, she gets Penelope’s body, who is the main villain of the game and is destined to die, no matter what she does. The only way to survive is to win the hearts of the five guys who dislike her the most.

Throughout her journey, she tries her best to make as many love connections with all five guys as possible, just to avoid her death. Each of her relationships comes with unique challenges, while twists and turns are very common for her.

12. The Remarried Empress

The Remarried Empress
Source: The Remarried Empress Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 161 (Still Ongoing)

If you want to explore the romantic relationship in the timeline when the Kingdom system exists, then The Remarried Empress is a perfect romance manhwa for you. It follows the story of Navier, a noblewoman who married the Emperor Sovieshu.

Since the day Sovieshu brought Rashta, an exceptionally beautiful slave, to the palace, his married life with Navier has begun to fall apart. As a result, their husband-wife relationship finally reached its end, leaving no option for Sovieshu except divorce.

After their divorce, Navier remarried another Emperor named Henry and began her new love story with him. The series excellently depicts the value of a loyal partner and how a happy married life works. 

11. Her Tale of Shim Chong

Her Tale of Shim Chong
Source: Her Tale of Shim Chong Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 81 (Finished in March 2019)

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Her Tale of Shim Chong is the best historical romance manhwa based on a classic Korean novel of the same name. It follows the story of two ladies who belong to different social groups and share the same wish.

They both just want to leave their current lives behind and find a way to live in this world that favors men. Shim Chong is a beggar, and Madam is the newly married wife of the Chancellor.

In an unexpected event, Shim meets Madam and rescues her from being drowned in a river. After that, they came close to each other and began on a beautiful journey to live the ideal life that they had always dreamed of. 

10. Positively Yours

Positively Yours
Source: Positively Yours Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 82 (Finished in March 2022)

Let’s talk about Positively Yours, a popular romance that got so much love from fans and got adapted into a K-drama series. It follows the story of Hee-Won, an elegant lady who has been in one-sided love with her best friend for the last 10 years.

When she found out her best friend was dating another friend, she felt so heartbroken and regretful. As a result, she went on a one-night stand with a stranger named Doo-Joo, who is quite handsome.

However, she got pregnant, hid this news from Doo-Joon, and regularly went to the hospital to check up. Later, Doo-Joon finds the truth, decides to take responsibility for the child, and is ready to marry Hee-Won.

9. Doridosim

Source: Doridosim Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 79 (Still Ongoing)

Doridosim revolves around Kang Dol, a slim, handsome guy who has a big crush on his classmate, Yang Yang. One day, he somehow gathers all his courage and finally confesses his feelings by turning his back to her.

However, the girl to whom he confesses his feelings is Min Dosim, the college’s most attractive girl, instead of his crush, Yang Yang. Moreover, Min accepts Kang’s feelings and begins spending most of her quality time with him.

As they spend quality time together, Kang also gradually falls in love with her and realizes she is the one for him. Even though they come into a relationship through unexpected events, they are connected to each other through destined love. 

8. Bloody Sweet

Bloody Sweet
Source: Bloody Sweet Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 91 (Finished in February 2018)

Blood Sweet is an ideal romance manhwa for fans who want to explore a love story between two supernatural species. Shin Naerim is a loner with no friends and is always bullied for being the daughter of Shaman.

After being connected through a blood pact with Vlad Fetechou, a vampire guy, her life takes a drastic turn. Now they share a master-servant relationship in which, when Naerim sheds her blood, she automatically connects with Vlad through a red thread.

Moreover, Vlad’s only dream is to turn into a human, but it’s not an easy task for him. To turn into a human, he needs to suck the blood of a witch, and unfortunately, Naerim is a witch. Did Vlad choose his dream over his love? 

7. Que Sera Sera

Que Sera Sera
Source: Que Sera Sera Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 71 (Finished in March 2017)

Que Sera Sera is one of the best romance manhwa that features a very complicated love story. It follows the story of Mo Hani, a working woman who is very proud of not being in debt for anything from anyone.

On the other hand, Kang Seonjun is the friend of Hani’s best friend, who is still in university and pays his expenses by doing various part-time jobs. In an unexpected event, they spend a drunken night together, and Hani finds herself pregnant.

However, Hani does have the courage to face her best friend and is also hesitant to share it with Kang just because he is concerned about his bad financial condition.

6. My Beautiful World

My Beautiful World
Source: My Beautiful World Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 68 (July 2015)

My Beautiful World is one of the must-see romance manhwa of all time that all lovers must check out. It follows the story of Yurim Lee, a graceful lady who had a special ability to see darkness in people.

As a result, she always avoids getting close to anyone, as they all have bad intentions for her. However, she is shocked when she can’t see any darkness in Jooeun Lim, a charming guy.

Yurim finally finds someone whom she relies on, and they gradually get close to each other. As she got the perfect partner, she began meeting with other people and trying to be normal with them.

5. A Good Day to Be a Dog

A Good Day to Be a Dog
Source: A Good Day to Be a Dog Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 88 (Finished in April 2019)

A Good Day to Be a Dog is the most unusual high school romance manhwa that features the love story of two teachers instead of two students. It revolves around Hana, a caring lady who has a very unusual curse due to her ancestor’s crime.

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Due to her curse, whenever she kisses anyone, he will eventually turn into a dog at night. To break the curse, she needs to kiss the same person as his dog.

One day, she mistakenly kisses Jin Seo-won, the math teacher who hates the dong most due to his childhood trauma. It will be a blast of laughter to see Jin’s reaction when he turns into a dog, and Hana is kissing the dog to break the curse.

4. A Business Proposal

A Business Proposal
Source: A Business Proposal Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 124 (finished in December 2022)

You can guess the popularity of this romance manhwa by the fact it got adapted into a K-drama series and the enormous love from fans. A business proposal depicts an unexpected love story between a handsome boss, Kang, and his employee, Shin, who is the sexiest guy.

Shin went on a blind date in place of her friend to just help her get out of marriage stuff. However, she doesn’t know who she is dating—his new boss, where she is working.

Moreover, Kang has already decided to propose to anyone who comes for the date just to stop his parents’ pressure. Now, it’s very interesting to know what happened next. Did Shin tell him the truth about being involved in a boss-employee relationship?

3. Seasons of Blossoms: Best Romance Manhwa Featuring Multiple Love Story

Seasons of Blossoms: Best Romance Manhwa Featuring Multiple Love Story
Source: Seasons of Blossoms Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 135 (Finished in March 2023)

Seasons of Blossom is one of the best romance manhwa for teenagers. It features multiple love connections between seven teenagers, including three girls and four boys. The series is divided into four seasons, starting with spring, and then moving to summer, autumn, and winter.

With each passing season, they gradually confess their love to their respective crushes. Some of them accept the confession, while others reject it and prefer someone else over them.

It consists of all types, such as love at first sight, childhood love, love triangles, and so on. No matter what type of love you had in your school and college days, you will be able to relate to someone’s love story and see yourself in that particular character. 

2. See You in My 19th Life: Most Popular Romance Manhwa That Adapt Into K-Drama

See You in My 19th Life: Most Popular Romance Manhwa That Adapt Into K-Drama
Source: See You in My 19th Life Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 115 (Finished in December 2022)

The title of the series, “See You in My 19th Life,” already gave a major hint of its story. The series follows the story of Jieum Ban, a beautiful girl who lives multiple lives and remembers all of their memories.

After dying in a tragic accident in her 18th life, she was finally reborn again to live her 19th life. However, she begins searching for the man named Moon Seo Ha, whom she met in her 18th life.

She just wants to continue her love story with Moon Seo, which she could not do in her previous life. This is a tale of love, reborn across countless lifetimes. Did she complete her love story in her 19th life, or will Riya try again in her 20th life? 

1. Maybe Meant to Be

Maybe Meant to Be
Source: Maybe Meant to Be Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 80 (Still Ongoing)

Maybe Meant to Be is the greatest romance manhwa of all time that no lovers or boyfriend-girlfriends want to miss. It features the unique love story of two childhood friends, Jia Han, a sexy girl with blonde hair, and Mincheol Jin, an average guy with spectacle.

They were both continually pressured by their parents to settle by marrying someone. To solve their parents’ problems, they decide to get married to each other and focus on their careers.

Later, the series takes a major turn and excellently shows the challenges partners face after a sudden marriage. Now, it’s very interesting to see: does their marriage really bring peace to their lives or make it more complicated than before?


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this beautiful list of the 20 best romance manhwa to be useful and found something to your taste. Each of these romance manhwa features a beautiful love story filled with heartwarming moments, relationship problems, and attractive characters.

No matter what type of love story you are interested in reading, such as one-sided love, love triangles, multiple love interests, school love, office love, or anything else, you will find everything in there. Stay tuned with us for more wonderful Manhwa recommendations and top character lists.

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