Top 10 Must-Read Manhwa with OP MC Whom You Can’t Avoid

Manhwa With OP MC

Just like manga series produced in Japan, Manhwa is also a comic series produced in South Korea. For the past few years, Manhwa has rapidly increased its fan following all around the world because of its overpowering main characters, unique storyline, and captivating art forms. As a result, fans were always looking for an excellent pick to read, especially their most popular genre, i.e, Manhwa with OP MC.

So, you don’t have to search further; here we will provide you with some of the best manhwa with OP MC that immerse you in their respective worlds. Due to their overpowered main characters, these series never hold back from putting on some of the greatest action sequences. So without any further delay, let’s get straight to this fantastic Manhwa recommendation and grab something incredible to read. 

Note: Each of these Manhwa with OP MC is ranked according to their fans’ popularity and the power level of their main characters, regardless of their ratings and readerships. 

10 Must-Read Manhwa With OP MC (Ranked) 

10. The Gamer: Best Gaming Manhwa With OP MC

Manhwa With OP MC
Source: The Gamer Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 478 (Still Ongoing)

If you are a gamer and love to play video games, then this manhwa with OP MC is a thrilling ride for you. It follows the story of Jihan Han, an average high school gamer who unlocked a special ability.

This special ability allows him to see the entire world as a video game. Later, he finds that he is the only one who has this special, and he decides to use it to level up himself and become stronger. 

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9. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

Manhwa With OP MC
Source: Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 244 (Finished in 2023)

The series is set in a world where a party of six heroes failed to save humanity from a formidable evil organization. However, the leader of the Hero Party got the second chance to save humanity and bring back 13 years in the past.

Now, he has again gathered his hero team members and trained them for 13 years to stop the Shadow World. Now, it’s very interesting to read how they face the same evil organization once again, which already defeated them at their first encounter. 

8. Second Life Ranker

Manhwa With OP MC
Source: Second Life Ranker Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 161 (Finished in 2023)

The series depicts the story of Yeonwoo, whose brother mysteriously disappeared from the world. Later, he found that his brother was last seen at the top of the tower of the Sun God while clearing it.

Now, Yeonwoo gradually joins all the dots and gathers enough material to enter the same tower. Now, it’s very interesting to read how far Yeonwoo will go to find his brother while facing countless powerful fighters from the tower. 

7. Overgeared

Manhwa With OP MC
Source: Overgeared Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 208 (Still Ongoing)

Overgeared is one of the best manhwa with OP MC that is filled with mysteries, action, and game elements. It follows the inspiring adventure of gamer guy Shin Youngwoo, who is very lucky.

In a popular VR game, he plays with a character named “Satisfy,” who is very low-level until he unlocks the legendary title. As he unlocked that title, Satisfy got access to several powerful weapons, including the most powerful gear, which he is now using to level up in the game. 

6. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Manhwa With OP MC
Source: The legendary moonlight sculptor Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 169 (Finished in 2020)

The series depicts the story of Hyun Lee, who plays a legendary God of War character in a popular RPG game. Due to his family’s poverty, he sells out his character, but he still struggles to pay for his family’s living expenses.

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Now he takes his first step in VR games and starts his career as a low-level player who is just a sculptor. Within a short period of time, he levels up his character with his exceptional gaming skills and becomes the greatest emperor in the game. 

5. The Beginning After the End

Manhwa With OP MC
Source: The Beginning After The End Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 175 (Still Ongoing)

This incredible manhwa with OP MC follows the story of King Grey, who had everything: formidable strength, wealth, and great authority. Even though he is blessed with everything, he is not happy with his life just because of loneliness.

Later, he reincarnated in a fantasy world where magic and monsters exist to relive his life for the second time. As the world is filled with monsters, it’s not easy for him to live the peaceful life he expects to live. 

4. God of High School: Best Action Manhwa With OP MC

Manhwa With OP MC
Source: God of High School Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 34 (Finished in 2014)

God of High School is one of the shortest yet best manhwa with OP MC of all time. The series is set in a world divided into three realms: the human realm, the demon realm, and the heavenly realm.

Moreover, humans are allowed to borrow supernatural power from gods and can use it to defend themselves from demons. Now, Mori Jin, the overpowered main character, participates in a fighting tournament called God of High School, where he faces off several powerful fighters who borrowed God’s power. 

3. Noblesse

Manhwa With OP MC
Source: Noblesse Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 50 (Finished in 2014)

Noblesse follows the story of the most powerful noble, Rai, who awakens after a very long sleep. As he awakens, Union, an evil organization, sends its troops to find Rai. As a result, Rai is living an ordinary life in high school in order to hide himself.

He is not hiding out of any fear; instead, he himself is blessed with incredible supernatural powers and just needs peace in his life. Later, his peace breaks when he finally encounters the Unions, and then their ultimate battle begins.

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2. Tower of God

Manhwa With OP MC
Source: Tower of God Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 587 (Still Ongoing)

The series revolves around a mysterious tower that chooses people around the world to fulfill their desires. They get everything, whether it be wealth, fame, or authority, if they succeed in reaching the top of the tower. Bam is the main character, who eventually falls for a beautiful girl, Rachel, who is summoned by the tower.

Just like all summoned people, the gate of the tower is open for Rachel and allows her to enter, but Bam is not allowed. As a result, Bam opens the tower’s gate by himself in order to stay with Rachel.

1. Solo Leveling: Top Rated Manhwa With OP MC

Manhwa With OP MC
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Number of Chapters: 179 (Finished in 2021)

Solo Leveling is without a doubt the best manhwa of all time, having brought an enormous audience to the manhwa industry. It follows the inspiring journey of Sung Jinwoo, who is initially the weakest hunter in the Hero Association.

While he is struggling on the deadliest mission where all of his team members die, he unfortunately has a special ability. Since that day, he has become the top-ranking hunter and has defeated countless formidable demons with ease.


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this fantastic list of 10 must-read manhwa with OP MC to be useful and found something to your taste. These are great choices to witness the incredible power and skill of the main characters and the extent to which they will go to reach their goals.

No matter what manhwa genre these main characters belong to, such as adventure, isekai, or fantasy, they always shock you with their powers. Stay tuned with us for more wonderful manhwa and anime recommendations.

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