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Top 20 Best Anime Femboy Characters of All Time Who Will Captivate Your Heart (Ranked)

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Every year, we watch several new anime, or, better to say, modern anime, filled with plenty of attractive characters. Out of them, the anime femboy characters is the one that got attention from all types of audiences, whether male, female, or LGBTQ.

As a result, it’s a great time to remember those classic and legendary anime femboy characters who are enormously appreciated by fans for their captivating feminine looks. Moreover, you will also find new anime femboy characters who recently made their debut and grabbed fans’ hearts.

So, let’s get straight to this beautiful list and meet some of the best anime femboy characters of all time who will definitely steal your heart.

Note: Each of these anime femboy characters is ranked according to their feminine look, captivating personality, and impactful role in their respective series. 

Top 20 Anime Femboy Characters of All Time Ranked

20. Yoshio Kobayashi

Yoshio Kobayashi
Source: Trickster Anime

Anime Name: Trickster

Let’s start with Yoshio Kobayashi, one of the sexiest anime boys who play the lead role in the Trickster anime. He had short, messy white hair and beautiful red eyes that played a major role in his attractiveness. Kobayashi usually wears baggy outfits along with a black hoodie that make him look cooler.

Moreover, he does not like his immortality and has been trying to kill himself but never succeeding. On the other hand, he works for a detective group along with Hanasaki, the second main character of the series. 

19. Koutarou Araki

Koutarou Araki
Source: Ultimate Otaku Teacher Anime

Anime Name: Ultimate Otaku Teacher

By just saw the image of Koutarou Araki, no one has ever denied that he is a girl, but he is not. Even though he is the supporting character of the series, Koutarou grabs so much attention from fans, especially from femboy lovers. He is blessed with cute feminine features along with long, beautiful black hair.

Koutarou always wears girls’ outfits that look so cute on him. As a result, his school also gave him permission to wear a girl’s uniform instead of a boy’s. Moreover, he is also an avid gamer who plays several online games just to buy cute items to make his character more cute. Lastly, he is one of the most talented anime femboy characters especially in AI and technology field.

18. Kalluto Zoldyck

Kalluto Zoldyck
Source: Hunter x Hunter Anime

Anime Name: Hunter x Hunter

Kalluto Zoldyck is the youngest child in the Zoldyck family and the younger brother of Killua in the Hunter x Hunter series. He had lovely feminine facial features, beautiful pink eyes, and a short bob-cut hairstyle. Moreover, he usually wears traditional Japanese clothes, such as a dark kimono with obi. Throughout the series, he seems like a quiet guy, but after joining the Phantom Troupe, he shows his true colors.

Being a member of the infamous assassin family, he possesses exceptional assassin skills such as mastery of all weapons, spying skills, superhuman speed, and agility. Moreover, Kalluto is also a highly skilled Nen user and belongs to the manipulator category. As a result, he is consider as one of the most darkest anime femboy characters.

17. Nuriko: One of the Popular Anime Femboy Character with Traditional Look

Source: Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play Anime

Anime Name: Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play

Now let’s meet one of the best anime femboy characters, Nuriko, who refers to himself as the man with the heart of a woman. He is blessed with beautiful pink eyes and long purple hair that he tied back in a braid. While competing with other female characters, he wears several revealing outfits and hair ornaments and tries stylish hairstyles.

Even though he had a slender stature, he possessed incredible physical strength. Moreover, his natural feminine beauty and highly captivating personality are quite impossible to avoid for anyone. 

16. Lio Fotia

Lio Fotia
Source: Promare Anime

Anime Name: Promare

Lio Fotia first appeared as a villain but later became the second main character in the Promare anime film. He is a short-height guy with a slender build and beautiful pinkish eyes. His short blonde hair and fashion accessories, such as triangular-shaped earrings, give her a proper feminine look.

He usually wears well-designed outfits consisting of a jacket, frilled cuff, gloves, belt, biker pants, knee pads, and so on. While transforming into battle mode, his designer outfit turns into the deadliest battle armor, equipped with a helmet and swords. 

15. Haku 

Source: Naruto Anime

Anime Name: Naruto

Naruto is filled with countless characters of all types, including anime femboy characters. Even though Haku played a supporting role in the series, he succeeded in reaching a large audience thanks to the series’s enormous popularity. He is a handsome guy with a feminine look, a slender body, and long black hair. Moreover, Naruto himself considers Haru to be more beautiful than Sakura.

Haku usually wears a ninja outfit that suits him the most and enhances his beauty to the next level. Being a ninja, he possesses exceptional fighting skills and has excellent commonalities in his chakras.

14. Chihiro Fujisaki

Chihiro Fujisaki
Source: Danganronpa Anime

Anime Name: Danganronpa

Have you ever met an anime femboy characters who looks like a baby doll? If not, then kindly look at Chihiro Fujisaki, who is the Ultimate Programmer in the Danganronpa franchise. He is a high school guy with short stature and exceptionally beautiful doll-like facial features. Chihiro usually wears a girl school uniform consisting of a skirt, thigh-high socks, and many more girlish accessories.

Moreover, his short brown girly hair and soft personality enhance his femininity to another level, which makes everyone confused about his gender. On the other hand, he possessed exceptional programming skills and had great knowledge of AI and game development.

13. Ernesti Echevalier

Ernesti Echevalier
Source: Knight’s & Magic Anime

Anime Name: Knight’s & Magic

Ernesti Echevalier is just a typical guy with a masculine look until he reincarnates into a fantasy world. In this new world, he went through drastic changes in his appearance and became exceptionally beautiful. Ernesti had adorable feminine facial features and beautiful short silver hair that set him apart from the series’ female characters.

Moreover, his short stature and slim figure elevate his feminine look to another level. Aside from his cute look, he is blessed with incredible magical powers and exceptional machinery knowledge, which he has already developed in his past life. 

12. Ayumi Saitou: One of the Most Beautiful Anime Femboy Characters with Glass

Ayumi Saitou
Source: Shion’s King Anime

Anime Name: Shion’s King

Ayumi Saitou is one of the popular anime femboy characters who play the lead role in a popular femboy anime, Shion’s King. Due to his family’s economic problems, he decided to drop out of school and earn money to pay for his family’s expenses. Now, he crossdresses as a girl in order to participate in a shogi female tournament. This is because he can’t wait two more years to participate in the male tournament.

In his new look, he had beautiful long blue hair that he tied in twintails and wore a pair of spectacles. While seeing in him this lovely look, no one ever believes that he is a boy. 

11. Akira

Source: Kemono Jihen Anime

Anime Name: Kemono Jihen

Akira is the Snow Kemono who plays a major role in the Kemono Jihen series. He is an exceptionally attractive guy with pretty feminine facial features and long, beautiful blue hair. Moreover, his big blue eyes and attractive outfit consisting of a shirt, cuffs, collar, and bolo tie give him a stylish look.

Akira not only had a feminine look; he also had a feminine personality, like being scared of bugs, taking selfies frequently, and so on. Being a snow kemono, he possesses supernatural powers, including the ability to control and create ice. 

10. Kurapika: One of the Strongest Anime Femboy Characters

Source: Hunter x Hunter Anime

Anime Name: Hunter x Hunter

Kurapika is without a doubt the strongest and one of the most popular anime femboy characters of all time. He is blessed with cute, feminine facial features and short blonde hair. Whenever he saw any member of the Phantom Troupe, his gray eyes instantly turned scarlet and provided him with the scariest look. No matter what he wears, he always looks pretty in every outfit, and sometimes he is mistaken for a girl by others.

Moreover, he is an exceptionally intelligent guy who always has answers to every difficult problem. Aside from his pretty look and intelligence, he is an exceptionally skilled nen user who belongs to the conjurer type. He can defeat anyone in the series until his opponents belong to the Phantom Troupe. 

9. Asuramaru

Source: Seraph of the End Anime

Anime Name: Seraph of the End

Let’s move forward to another popular anime femboy characters, Asuramaru, who belongs to Seraph of the End. Throughout the series, he belongs to three different species: humans, vampires, and demons. No matter what species he belongs to, he always looks like a girl, especially in his demon forms.

In demon form, Asuramaru had horns, claws, pointed ears, and red eyes. He also had very long purple hair, including beautiful bangs that usually covered his left eye. Moreover, he usually wears sexy outfits, such as a backless and split gown that reveals most of his body parts. Lastly, he is one of the best anime femboy characters in mysterious species such as vampires and demons.

8. Aoi Hyoudou

Aoi Hyoudou
Source: Maid Sama Anime

Anime name: Maid Sama

Aoi Hyoudou is one of the well-known anime femboy characters who just played a supporting role in a popular rom-com anime, Maid Sama. However, he makes his way onto this list through his passion for cross-dressing and cute feminine facial features. While crossdressing, he wears a wig of blonde curly hair and some of the stylish girl outfits that he got from Satsuki.

Later, he left wearing Lolita dresses and began wearing modern, stylish outfits just to maintain his masculinity. Despite being continually stopped by his father and brother, he still continues his cross-dressing and looks so beautiful in it. 

7. Gasper Vladi

Gasper Vladi
Source: Highschool DXD Anime

Anime Name: Highschool DXD

Gasper Vladi is one of the main characters in High School DxD, the most popular horror anime. Even though the series is filled with plenty of sexy anime girls, Gasper succeeds in making his own place in fans’ hearts. He had an attractive bob-cut hairstyle and beautiful pink eyes that provided her with a proper girl-like look.

Moreover, he looks more beautiful and cute in his girl’s school uniform, which consists of thigh-high socks. He is without a doubt one of the sexiest anime femboy characters who put a tough competition to series’ female characters. Aside from his feminine look, Gasper is blessed with incredible physical strength and possesses exceptional demonic and magical powers. 

6. Mariya Shidou

Mariya Shidou
Source: Mariya Holic Anime

Anime Name: Mariya Holic

Let’s move forward to one of the weirdest twin siblings in the anime world, Shido’s sibling. This sibling reversed their roles and genders, and now Mariya Shidou, the elder brother, resembles him as a girl, while Shizu Shidou, the younger sister, resembles her as a boy. Mariya had beautiful long blonde hair that she styled in a beautiful way, including two pigtails and some bangs.

She also had a mole beneath his right eye that gave him a more proper girlish look. Throughout the series, he wears school uniforms that suit her the most and make him look hotter. The only reason to replace him with his sister is to win the chairmanship in both girls’ and boys schools.

5. Ritsu Sohma

Ritsu Sohma
Source: Fruit Basket Anime

Anime Name: Fruit Basket

Now, moving next to one of the most popular anime femboy characters with traditional feminine looks, Ritsu Sohma. He is the hostess of Sohma’s family in Fruit Basket and is currently studying in his third year of private school. He is a slim guy with beautiful feminine facial features and long blonde hair that he usually ties in a ponytail with a big ribbon.

Ritsu usually wears colorful traditional outfits, especially kimonos with long sleeves that make him look more feminine. His bad social skills and low-confidence behavior always make him feel like a waste. As a result, he began crossdressing just to feel less pressure from others. 

4. Nagisa Shiota

Nagisa Shiota
Source: Assasination Classroom Anime

Anime Name: Assasination Classroom

Nagisa Shiota is one of the most popular anime femboy characters who plays a lead role in Assassination Classroom. He is a short-heeled guy with a slender build and short blue hair. Most of his classmates often make fun of him because of his beautiful blue eyes and feminine facial features.

Moreover, his own mother, always forced him to grow long hair and crossdress as a girl just because she wanted to have a daughter. Even though he is not as physically strong as other boys, he possesses exceptional assassination skills, including bloodlust, marksmanship, and mind reading. 

3. Saika Totsuka

Saika Totsuka
Source: Oregairu Anime

Anime Name: Oregairu

Let’s meet another popular supporting character, Saika Totsuka, who can make even a heartless guy like Hikigaya uncomfortable. Throughout the series, none of the beautiful female characters, including Yukino, Saki, and Yui, make Hikigaya shy except the femboy. Saika is blessed with cute feminine facial features, along with beautiful short silver hair and sparkling blue eyes.

As a result, it is not wrong to refer him as one of the most adorable anime femboy characters with the cutest look. Moreover, his short stature and soft nature greatly help him to confuse others about his gender, especially Hikigaya. On the other hand, Saika is incredibly good at tennis and is also the leader of the school’s tennis club. 

2. Luka Urushibara

Luka Urusibara
Source: Steins Gate Anime

Anime Name: Steins Gate

Luka Urushibara is one of the hottest anime femboy characters who plays a supporting role in a very popular time travel anime, Steins Gate. He is gifted with exceptional, attractive feminine facial features and stylish black hair. Being a shrine maiden, he usually wears Japanese traditional outfits that make him more beautiful. Due to his slim, attractive figure and hot looks, he grabs lots of attention from every male character in the series.

Luka is a very emotional guy who cries at every small thing and also feels uncomfortable wearing sexy outfits. After seeing his exceptional beauty and soft personality, he deserves to be referred to as one of the most beautiful anime femboy characters of all time. 

1. Titus Alexius

Titus Alexius
Source: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Anime

Anime Name: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Titus Alexius is the great priest and one of the Magi, who play a very important role in the series. He totally looks like a girl in all aspects, whether you look at his body figure, facial features, hair, or eyes. He is blessed with lovely facial features and beautiful long blonde hair that he styles in a most beautiful way.

Moreover, he has not just the physical appearance of a girl; his voice is also high-pitched, which seems like a girl’s voice. As a result, he deserves to lie at the top position in the list of best anime femboy characters. Being one of the top magicians, he possesses a wide range of magical abilities, such as light magic, strength magic, gravity magic, heat magic, and so on. 


That’s it for the post! We hope you find this beautiful list of the 20 best anime femboy characters useful and meet someone to your taste. Each of them looks quite close to being referred to as a girl because of their feminine facial features and crossdressing.

Most of these anime femboy characters also have a soft personality and always act like girls. Stay tuned with us for more wonderful anime character lists and amazing anime recommendations.

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