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Solo Leveling Chapter 134 Raw Scans Spoilers Release

Things are going to be very exciting in Solo Leveling Chapter 134 as Hunter Sung Jin-woo has left for Japan with his fellow hunter Yu Jin-Ho.

On the other side, Japan is fearing its extinction from the world map as the living area is getting shorter every minute and Giant Monsters are destroying everything in their way. More than One Million people have lost their lives and this number can go much higher if the attack is not stopped.

Solo Leveling Chapter 134 Raw Scans Spoilers Release
Solo Leveling Chapter 134

In the last Chapter, where many S-rank hunters were not able to stop the vicious attack will Hunter Jin-woo be able to defeat those monsters and close the S-Rank gate himself? More will be revealed once chapter 134 gets released.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 134 Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 134 will be released on Kakaopage’s Official website on 6th January 2021. But kakaopage releases the chapter in Korean language and that has to be translated into native languages.

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While we still have time in the release of Solo Leveling 134 you can enjoy the Solo Leveling Chapter 134 Spoilers taken from the light novel of the same name.

The release schedule of Solo Leveling Manhwa may vary for different regions so keep checking your reading sources to read the chapter at the earliest without being spoiled.

Solo Leveling Chapter 134 Raw Scans

Solo Leveling Chapter 134 Raw Scans are the Korean language scans available on the official release partner’s website. These raw scans get translated by different translation groups.

You can read full spoilers for the upcoming chapter below in the spoilers section.

Solo Leveling Chapter 134 Spoilers

Hunters from all over the world are watching Japan getting destroyed by Giants but the USA and other guilds are not ready to help Japan. But Hunter Jin-woo is now heading to Japan with a D-Rank Hunter friend. It is very that the upcoming chapter will contain the fight between Sung Jin-woo and Giants. Read the English Spoilers for the upcoming chapter below

Solo Leveling 134 Raw Scans Spoilers Release
Solo Leveling 134

Solo Leveling 134 Spoilers

  • Hunter Jin-woo is heading to Japan with his friend Yu Jin-Ho.
  • Japan is in pieces and may get eradicated if the attack doesn’t stop.
  • This time Jin-woo takes a plane to Japan.
  • On the other side, America is organizing a meet of all guilds from all over the world and obviously, Ahjin Guild is also invited.
  • But Jin-woo going to Japan might change Ahjin Guild’s plan for the meeting.
  • Hunter Jin-woo is going to help Japan alone. This news spread like fire and soon became the top headline of every news channel.
  • Many S-Rank hunters lost their lives in Japan so some hunters considered Jin-woo’s this move foolish.
  • These hunters think that nobody can help Japan and the situation is beyond any hunter could handle.
  • American Hunters started placing bets on how long Hunter Jin-woo can survive that hell.
  • The Leader of the Scavenger Guild Thomas Andre heard the discussion and placed his bet that Jin-woo alone will kill all the monsters.
  • Thomas Andre is considered a freak by other hunters but being a guild leader he must be powerful.
  • Jun-woo and Yu Jin-Ho has arrived at Japanese Airport.
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Currently, these are the spoilers we can tell you now for complete story wait for the chapter to get released. We will update more spoilers and details as soon as we get Solo leveling 134 raw scans. You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates about Solo Leveling Chapter 134 Raw Scans and Solo Leveling 134 Spoilers.

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