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[Cobra’s Death] One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

Cobra was already panicking after Imu entered the room and in One Piece Chapter 1085, things got more heated after some revelations, and Cobra ended up dead as a result of these events. Read more about it below.

In the previous chapter, we saw that there was an attempt to kill the celestial dragon, and that made them very angry. The cover page for the chapter was One Piece Girls Playing in the Sea. Cobra talked to the Gorousei about the Queen Lily of Alabasta. It was revealed that Queen Lily was one of the twenty founders of the World government.

One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Read Reddit Worstgen English Read Viz Manga Leaks Cobra's Death

She was currently reigning over Alabasta when the world government first came into existence. After that, she was offered to become a celestial dragon but she refused and left the country. She was seen by no one after she left the country. Cobra was asking about where she is now to the Gorousei. Gorousei also had no idea where she is currently.

Saint Charlos captured Shirahoshi. Sai and Leo then fought Saint Charlos to free Shirahoshi. They defeated Saint Charlos in the battle and then freed Shirahoshi. On the other side, Morley was also able to free Kuma. We then saw that while Cobra and others were talking Im appeared and we saw Cobra’s worried expression.

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One Piece Chapter 1085 Release Date

One Piece 1085 will get released in the next week’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue on Viz Media and Mangaplus’ official website on Sunday 4th June 2023. The raw scans and spoilers for the upcoming chapter are already released and are mentioned below in their respective sections. You can check them below.

One Piece Chapter 1085 Release Date4th June 2023
One Piece Chapter 1085 raw scans and spoilers release31st May 2023

One Piece Chapter 1085 Raw Scans and Leaks

One Piece Chapter 1085 raw scans and leaks are out. In this chapter, Imu tells that D’s are the enemies and Cobra is also a D so he escapes from there but fails.

One Piece Chapter 1085 Raw Scans
Imu gets to know that Cobra is a “D” and she attacks him.
One Piece Chapter 1085 Raw Scans
Sabo was also there and was looking at all these events.
One Piece Chapter 1085 Raw Scans
Sabo then interfered with an attack to save Cobra.
One Piece Chapter 1085 Raw Scans
Sabo and Cobra run to save themselves from Imu and the five elders.

One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – ‘The Death of Nefertari Cobra’
  • The chapter starts with Imu talking to Cobra.
  • Imu says she has two things to tell Cobra and one question.
  • Cobra is in shock and thinks that he is seeing something impossible.
  • Cobra talks about the first 20 people who started the world government but Imu stops him.
  • Imu tells him that he will not get any answer even if he asks so it’s useless.
  • She tells him that “D” are the people who were “our” enemies in the past.
  • The recent “D’s” have no idea about the meaning of their names.
  • The scholars who try to find the truth about Void Century, the pirates who try to find the Poneglyphs. This is all Lily’s fault.
  • If she didn’t make a mistake on that day, the Poneglyphs wouldn’t have spread throughout the world.
  • But all this might be also a part of the plan too.
  • In the meanwhile. five elders draw their guns at Cobra.
  • Cobra then asks what is going to happen to him.
  • Imu tells him that it all depends on him and Cobra starts to talk.
  • He says that Lily’s real name was ‘Nefertari D. Lily’.
  • As soon as they noticed the ‘D’ a black shadow stabs Cobra in the stomach.
  • Sabo who was hiding all this time, attacks Imu with his fire.
  • Imu and the five elders transform into big creatures and surround Sabo and Cobra.
  • Sabo grabs Cobra and tries to run away, imu tries to catch them.
  • Cobra tells Sabo to tell Luffy and Vivi that they are “D” too.
  • After a Sabo flashback, Sabo and Cobra both are on the ground stabbed.
  • Cobra recites Lily’s later but there is so much noise that no one can hear anything.
  • Cobra then stops an attack from Imu so that Sabo can escape. We later see that Cobra is dead.
  • Wapol sees this all through a hole in the wall.
  • Imu notices him and he panics and tries to run away.
  • Vivi has been captured by CP-0 members.
  • Wapol then breaks into the room where Vivi is.
  • She grabs Wapol so that she can run away.
  • She asks where he is going and he tells her to the end of the world.
  • Vivi asks him to take her with him.
  • Chapter ends.
One Piece 1085 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Read Reddit Worstgen English Read Viz Manga Leaks Cobra's Death

Where to read One Piece Chapter 1085?

There are two official methods to read One Piece online and you should always use the official websites to read the manga as they directly support the artists and creators. We are mentioning the official sources in the below list which you can read for free.

  1. Viz Media website
  2. Manga Plus’s official website and app

These are all the details available for One Piece 1085 now. Read them while waiting for the official English release and make sure you use an official website or app for reading the latest One Piece chapter released.

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