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[The Risky Bet] My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

Heroes took some risk and that risk paid them in My Hero Academia Chapter 383 as they were able to brainwash Gigantomachia to attack villains. This looks like it was enough to annoy All for one. Read more about it in the spoilers section.

In the previous chapter, we saw that Hawks and All for one had the realization that things are neither good nor bad on either side as Toga’s powers were still unused till then. Then suddenly she started making Shigaraki, Dabi, and All for one clone. One of the Shigaraki clones tries to use decay but nothing happened. Tsuyu then told what she was thinking that there is a condition applied to Toga’s powers.

My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Read English Reddit Viz Leaks Mangaplus Bnha Mha

She has a limitation in that she can not make clones of people she does not love. We saw Toga in a bad condition and then she said that she does love Toya and Tomura but can not use their powers and started crying and then converted into a Twice clone. The words appeared again ‘Exterminate all the heroes’ and Ochako was seen fighting Twice clones.

Ochako said that she can not ignore tears in a person’s eye and that is why she is going to help Toga. On Gunga Mountain, Tokoyami was still fighting All for one and Hawks told him to stop All for one as long as he can. Heroes were attacking the Dark Shadow to make it stronger. It all went into vain once All for one used his rewind quirk. Then he said that these strong ones are always hard to deal with.

After this, he attacked the heroes and started flying away. He noticed Gigantomachia on the horizon and smiled. He then gave the order to destroy the heroes but Hawks was also planning something and we saw Machia throwing an entire mountain at AFO. Kirishima was on the top of Machia’s head. He called Tokoyami and said that they are there for help and they will not let him reach Deku. Shinshou then used his Persona Chords on AFO.

My Hero Academia 383 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 383 will be released this upcoming Sunday 26th March 2023. The chapter will be in this week’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue along with other Weekly Shonen Jump titles. You can visit our homepage if you read other WSJ mangas too.

My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Release Date26th March 2023
My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Raw Scans Release22nd March 2023

My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Raw Scans

My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Raw Scans has been released. The chapter shows that a risky bet from the heroes’ side changed the tide of a battle in a short span of time.

My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Raw Scans
Mt. Lady and Ashido trying to stop Gigantomachia as Midnight’s killer trying to wake him up using All for one’s voice.
My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Raw Scans
Shinsou ended up getting caught by the sludge villain and he is trying to eat him in this scan.
My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Raw Scans
Kirishima tries to save Shinsou but fails, then Ashido attacks the sludge villain and saves Kirishima and Shinsou.
My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Raw Scans
Ashido falls because of exhaustion and we see her memories with his friends.
My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Raw Scans
The risky bet paid off for the heroes and now Gigantomachia, Dark Shadow, and Mt. lady all are fighting against All for one.

My Hero Academia Chapter 383 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – A Small Heart
  • The chapter starts in Jaku, Dabi has been defeated.
  • Heroes had the upper hand for some moments but things changed once Midnight’s killer used his quirk on other liberation front members.
  • He is also using a high-frequency sound device to produce All for one’s voice.
  • He is using it to wake Gigantomachia up.
  • Mountain lady wants to stop him as soon as she can because they can’t let machia wake up.
  • She then performs a combo with Yui from Class B.
  • But it is too late and Gigantomachia is awake.
  • Then we see Kirishima thinking that transporting Shinsou to Jaku was a plan.
  • He then thinks that it is about time for him to come into play.
  • Kirishima goes to call him but we see the Sludge villain taking over Shinsou’s body.
  • The villain went to hide to wait for Machia to wake up and ended up finding Shinsou.
  • Kirishima tries to save Shinsou but he can’t do anything against the Sludge villain.
  • Machia shouts ‘Where is my master?’ and Midnight’s killer laughs saying Liberation Day has come.
  • Then suddenly ‘Maximum Output – Acidman: Alma’
  • Ashido shoots a large amount of acid into Gigantomachia’s hand and this melts his fingers.
  • Mountain lady is surprised that her acid was able to affect Machia.
  • Then Ashido says that she will no longer fail to protect what is important to her.
  • Then she attacks the sludge villain and saves Kirishima and Shinsou.
  • Sludge villain realizes that the acid is not good for his body and tries to run away.
  • Shinsou says wait and tries to brainwash him.
  • Ashido is now talking to the liberation front guy.
  • Machia is about to attack Mountain Lady but Shinsou climbs his hand using his capture weapon.
  • Shinsou then brainwashed him using All for one’s voice.
  • He tells him to defeat the villains who are floating in the air.
  • Mina collapses from exhaustion and Kirishima apologizes for being useless once again.
  • Machia stops after defeating all the villains.
  • Mt. lady receives a call about All for one’s rewinding.
  • Now in present, Tsukauchi is relieved that their risky bet paid off.
  • We see Gigantomachia, Mt. kady, Dark Shadow, and Inasa all attacking Afo.
  • There are some helicopters flying nearby.
  • Chapter ends.
My Hero Academia 383 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Read English Reddit Viz Leaks Mangaplus Bnha Mha

Where to read Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 383?

There are two official ways to read manga for free. You can read it on Viz Media’s official website or on Shueisha Japan’s official Manga Plus mobile website and app. These sources provide the latest chapters of your favorite manga available for free. For reading the complete manga you will have to pay.

These are the available details for Boku no My Hero Academia 383 now and if we receive any more information then we will update this article as soon as possible. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates about Mha 383 spoilers.

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