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Kengan Omega Chapter 112 Raw Scans, Release date, Spoilers

Kengan Omega Chapter 112 will begin with the counterattack of Nitoku as he was attacked by Liu at the end of the previous chapter. Keep reading for raw scans, spoilers, and release date.

In the previous chapter, we saw that the author explained the differences between Judo and Sambo. Judo involves throwing opponents using soft attacks while Sambo uses muscle power. At the stadium, nitoku delivers a solid blow to liu, he somewhat diverts that attack but then nitoku stomps liu on the ground.

Kengan Omega Chapter 112 Raw Scans, Release date, Spoilers

Liu stands up at the count of 9. Liu then throws strikes continuously at nitoku. Liu then kicks at the same spot where he previously attacked and after that, he punches nitoku but nitoku grabs Liu and once again stomps him on the ground. lolong says that the match is close. He also thinks that nitoku has taken a considerable amount of damage.

It is then revealed that nitoku reads Liu’s attacks and prepares to take them by shifting his vitals. Although he takes some damage this technique allows him to beat Liu. Liu thinks that it is impossible for him to win but then he remembers that he has to take revenge for naidan. He also remembers that nitoku’s style is nearly the same as naidan’s and then liu attacks.

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Kengan Omega Chapter 112 release date

Kengan Omega chapter 112 will be released on Wednesday 2nd June 2021. The manga is serialized in the Ura Sunday magazine. The English version will be available within 24 hours i.e. on 3rd June 2021.

Kengan omega chapter 112 release date 3rd June 2021
Kengan omega chapter 112 raw scans release2nd June 2021

Kengan Omega Chapter 112 Raw scans

Kengan Omega Chapter 112 raw scans will be available by 2nd June 2021 around 2:30 PM GMT. Raw scans will be added here as well so keep checking the site and bookmark this article.

Kengan Omega Chapter 112 Spoilers

This chapter will most probably show us the backstory of the characters. Some of the key spoilers are –

  • Nitoku could remember about his match against Agito.
  • The backstory of Liu can be revealed.
  • The fight between the Kure clan and the Wu clan can also be shown.
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Where to read Kengan Omega Chapter 112?

As for the raws, they will be available on this site on 2nd June 2021. The English version will be uploaded on various manga uploading sites on 3rd June 2021.

These are the spoilers for Kengan Omega 112 we can tell you for now, for more we will have to wait some time. Till then you can follow us on Twitter for more news and updates related to your favorite anime and manga series.

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