How is KyoAni a Better Animation Studio Than MAPPA and others?

KyoAni is better than MAPPA

Since the MAPPA controversy took place, fans have been wondering what will happen in the future if they keep exploiting their animator’s career. However, you don’t have to worry because KyoAni and some other animation studios are still doing a good job. Yeah, you heard it right! If on one side MAPPA is showing you the dark side of the anime industry.

On the other side KyoAni is also showing you its bright side. KyoAni is one of the greatest animation studios, creating masterpieces such as Silent Voice, Violet Evergarden, and Clannad. It’s not just an anime studio; it’s the emotion of billions of anime fans who cried a lot while watching their heartfelt series.

Moreover, they also survived a tragic event and overcame it with their strong determination and hard work. So let’s get straight to this inspiring post and find out why KyoAni is better than Mappa and others and what they should learn from them.

The Tragedy Story of KyoAni and How They Overcame?

KyoAni's Tragedy Story
Source: KyoAni Website

Just like the anime series Kyoto Animation produced, their own story is also very heartfelt and inspiring. On July 18, 2019, a man entered the Studio 1 building of KyoAni while clearing all securities and setting fire to it. As a result, 36 staff members of the studio lost their lives, and 33 were severely injured. This devastating fire destroyed all the material held at that studio, including equipment, archives, and important documents.

Furthermore, it also disrupted the ongoing and upcoming projects of the studio, including “Violet Evergarden: The Movie,” “Free!—Road to the World,” and “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S.” Later, the culprit in the attack was arrested and sentenced to death in 2021. Even though they are going through the most difficult times, they still never give up and decide to re-establish themselves.

They again start with zero, gradually copying the works that were burned in the attack. Since the news came out, anime fans, celebrities, the government, and other studios have shared their love and support for them. While also donating finds, organizing events, and offering assistance in recovering from this tragic event.

By 2023, they had completely recovered from the tragedy with the love and support of fans and industry. They also rebuilt their Studio 1, which had more advanced security and improved all safety measures.

Things That Make KyoAni a Better Animation Studio Than MAPPA and Others

1. KyoAni Has Excellent Command of Music and Frame Composition 

KyoAni Music and Songs
Source: Violet Evergarden anime

No matter which Kyoto Animation’s series you watch, each of them has wonderful and captivating music. Through their wonderful music, they uplift the mood, atmosphere, and emotion of a scene. You yourself witnessed how truly heartfelt the scenes of Violet Evergarden and Silent Voice were, along with their slow and captivating background music.

Moreover, they mostly try to choose the same voice actors to perform OSTs or theme songs who provide the voice of the series’ characters. As a result, their songs feel more connected to the characters and immerse us in their world. While talking about their frame composition, Kyoto Animation has no comparison with any other studio, especially in emotional scenes.

Frame composition is the art of creating a scene similar to “a shot” of the real-world movie industry. They tried their best to come up with the best ideas possible to make a scene visually more appealing and effective. As a result, we always felt connected by their emotional canes and found them very relatable.

2. KyoAni Has Positive Work Ethics that Motivate their Workers

Work Ethics of KyoAni
Source: KyoAni Website

Unlike most of the animation studios out there, KyoAni pays their workers in full-time salary-based payments. Moreover, they also provide several exclusive benefits to them, such as mentorships, guidance, creative freedom, and so on. They also gave them flexible schedules and permission to share their own ideas to enhance the quality of the project.

Lastly, the best thing about them is that they are always ready to give opportunities to some new and inexperienced talents to work with them and grow as individuals.

3. KyoAni is a Studio That Firmly Believes in Quality Over Quantity

KyoAni Projects
Source: KyoAni Website

On the one hand, some animation studios produce a bunch of anime series every year. On the other hand, Kyoto Animation produces 2-3 projects in a single year. It does not mean that they are slow; instead, they believe more in quality than quantity. When you check their list of producing series, you will learn that they produce very limited projects.

However, the anime series that were produced by KyoAni are incredibly great in all aspects, whether it be animation, story, or characters. On the other hand, they also do not focus on getting only those adaptations whose manga parts are already a hit. As you can see, MAPPA Studio always chooses to produce series whose manga counterparts are hits like Chainsaw Man, Vinland Saga, and Jujutsu Kaisen.

That’s it for the post! We hope you found this feature post useful and know how great KyoAni is doing in the anime industry. As avid anime fans, we should appreciate KyoAni’s positive work ethic, which motivates new talents to join the anime industry without any fear. Stay tuned with us for more inspiring and informative news from the anime industry.

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