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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 will be starting with a new arc as the Galactic Prison Arc is concluded and Moro, the main villain is now dead after a huge blow from Goku.

In the last chapter, we saw that Goku and Moro were still engaged in their fight. Moro was claiming the earth saying that earth is his own property from now and he will destroy it. Vegeta played a very crucial part in this win over The planet eater Moro and helped Goku to release massive power that killed Moro.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 is set to be released this Sunday, December 20. Dragon Ball Super 67 will be starting a new arc that will answer the questions that have been left behind Moro and Goku and others will try to uncover the truth behind them.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 Release Date20 December 2020
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 Raw Scans17 December 2020

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 Raw Scans

Some of the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 Raw Scans are and we are sharing them with you here. DBS chapter 67 raw scans are surfacing on different social media platforms and you can find them easily. We have covered DBS Chapter 67 spoilers based on these leaked raw scans and pictures. you can read them in the ‘Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 Spoilers’ section below

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 Spoilers

The spoilers are based on DBS Chapter 67 Raw Scans and we are covering them here

Dragon Ball Super DBS 67 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date
Dragon Ball Super Manga 67
  • DBS Manga 67 Title – A Conclusion and then…
  • The chapter starts with the Dragon Team (Kuririn, Yamcha, and Gohan) congratulating Goku for defeating Planet Eater Moro.
  • Gohan is happy as his dad is safe.
  • Picollo and Vegeta watch them from a distance.
  • Vegeta asks about the source of the tremendous power he used to kill Moro.
  • But Goku also doesn’t know the source of his own power and says that someone let him borrow this power.
  • The reason behind his power will be revealed when the time comes.
  • In Oob’s village, Daikaioshin thanks Oob for saving the universe but Oob doesn’t understand what he is talking about.
  • Daikaioshin tells Oob that he is a relative and bids his farewell.
  • Daikaioshin returns to God’s Palace and reverts into Boo.
  • Mr. Satan is happy that he is safe.
  • Mr. Satan then calls for a celebration at his home and invites everyone.
  • The Scene moves to Satan’s Place where everybody is seen celebrating and eating.
  • Now Goku teleports to New Namek to return Esca and they restore the things that were destroyed by Moro using Dragon Balls.
  • Even the people of planet Zun are back to life.
  • Almost everything is normal except for somethings.
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This covers almost all complete spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 and for the official English Chapter you will have a few more days till it gets released.

Where to Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67?

 Dragon Ball Super 67 can be read on various manga sites but we recommend you use only official sources as the official sources also provide the latest DBS Manga Chapters for free without any hidden charges. You can read DBS Chapter 67 completely free on either Viz media’s official website and Shonen Jump app and also Shueisha Japan’s Manga Plus app and website.

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