The Top Games for Anime Fans

The Top Games for Anime Fans

Since the 1970s, fans of Japanese art and culture have been enjoying the wide variety of animation, comic books, and other art that epitomises the subculture that has become a mainstream international phenomenon. Anime series and films are usually adaptations of manga comic books, and the widespread appeal has seen the genre grow and become more popular all over the world.

There is a lot of crossover between anime fans and gamers, with both groups valuing the aesthetic of their favourite art forms. Using anime as an influence and inspiration has led to some truly impressive games that appeal equally to anime fans and gamers, such as:

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The anime influence in Dragon Ball FighterZ is immediately obvious and is one of the reasons that this game has such a huge fanbase among anime lovers. Practically, the game is easy to understand with controls that can be mastered in moments and plenty of different playable characters to choose from.

The real appeal for anime fans is the degree to which the original manga comic strips and anime adaptations have been incorporated into the game. Part of the charm of the original series was that each character and story arc was rendered in such detail, and this has been faithfully transformed into a hugely successful series of computer games.

Koi Princess

This game combines the enduring popularity of slots with the iconic style and appeal of anime, making it a super fun game that fans cannot get enough of. The premise is simple: the player has to keep a group of koi carp happy in a fishpond, with a ‘kawaii’ anime mascot who appears on screen to guide you through the game.

With five reels and twenty rows, the format of the game will be familiar to anyone who has played slots before. The aesthetic is very appealing to anime fans, but it also has all the classic bonuses available in slots including free spins, auto spins, special rounds, and jackpots.

Among the many options for fans of the genre, Koi Princess is widely regarded as one of the best Japanese slots games among reviewers, and this blog post has the top ten for even more recommendations.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

This trilogy of intriguing games turned tradition on its head and inspired the creation of anime and even a live-action movie. The franchise stars a rookie lawyer and the cases he takes and players have to scrutinise the evidence, spot clues, and identify the key pieces of information that will help Phoenix defend his clients in court.

The style of the game is classic anime, and the more intellectual nature of this game appealed to anime fans that wanted a long-running story arc to get absorbed in. There are three original games that were initially released separately but can also be found bundled into one action-packed trilogy that’s perfect for anime addicts.

Jump Force

While fighting is a common theme in anime-based video games, this particular game stands out from the crowd as it features a wide range of characters from different anime universes. By bringing together some of the most popular franchises, this action-packed game creates a whole new world for players to explore.

The goal is to defeat the ‘Venoms’ – the evil army doing the bidding of the true baddies – and Kane and Galena who use mind control to command them. The player must defeat them and defend New York City against their marauding attacks, with a choice of playable characters from sixteen different series, as well as the option to create custom characters to their own specifications.

Doki Doki Literature Club

This ground-breaking game may look cute and fluffy, but don’t let that lull you into thinking that it’s just for kids. Doki Doki Literature Club is actually a darkly psychological horror in the form of a visual novel in which players are taken through a storyline that gets darker and darker towards the end.

Because this game is based so heavily on the narrative, the player’s choices mostly focus on the way the relationships between the characters build over the course of the game. Mini-games keep things interesting as players head towards the denouement and final scenes.

Anime fans can surround themselves with the instantly recognisable characters and scenarios that they love when playing anime-inspired video games. From fighting to solving crimes and even navigating through the twists and turns of a spooky horror story, there’s something to suit any gamer.

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