The Best Online Slot Machines with Anime Design

Top Anime Themed Slots

Anime Themed Slots

 Anime has become a massive phenomenon, captivating audiences around the world with its unique blend of action, humor, and drama. As a result, it’s no surprise that many online casinos have started incorporating anime themes into their slot machines. These anime-themed slots provide players with an immersive gaming experience, combining the excitement of slots with the beloved characters and worlds of anime.

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Moon Princess (Play’n GO)

The Swedes from Play’n GO seem to have a weak spot for classic anime, that’s why they chose Sailor Moon, Toei’s classic, as a source of inspiration for Moon Princess. If you look at the symbols on the game’s reels, you’ll see that many of them look oddly familiar, and so do the girls – who are clearly inspired by the protagonists of the original. There are three princesses on the reels, each one with their own special power of Love, Star, and Storm. But no black cat, unfortunately.

The game, released in 2017, was successful enough for Play’n GO to launch two sequels to it, the latest one in 2022. Still no cat, though.

Magic Maid Café (NetEnt)

Another game with a design that will certainly look familiar is NetEnt’s Magic Maid Café. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this game also has three girl characters, but this time they are not wielding godlike powers – but the power of food.

This game doesn’t really have a backstory. Its reels are filled with desserts, and it comes with every feature you might expect from a modern-day slot machine. But that’s about it.

Thundercats: Reels Of Thundera (Blueprint Gaming)

This is the odd one out, we must say. On the one hand, this slot machine is based on a real franchise. On the other hand, the Thundercats’ “anime” status is disputed – it’s an American media franchise that was animated by Pacific Animation Corporation, formed by Topcraft’s animators after it went bankrupt in 1985.

The game has its reels filled with characters and items from the show, and it’s filled with bonus games and special features to the brim.

Koi Princess (Microgaming)

Another game that’s anime in its design alone, Koi Princess is a relaxing game with many pastels and animated Koi fish in the background. It is a mix of cultures, with Chinese symbols on the reels and a Japanese manga princess on the left.

Koi Princess was obviously made for slot fans, not anime lovers – it has many bonus features and random wins, medium volatility, and bonus bets.

Super Graphics Upside Down (Realistic)

Super Graphics Upside Down (styled Üpside Down) is a game inspired by the craze of Japanese game shows. The first game was released in 2011 with blinding colors on its reels, cheezy music, and a Japanese host Satsuki giving instructions to the players in Japanese (with broken English subtitles on the screen – this certainly takes many of us down memory lane). The game was a huge success, as shown by the three sequels released over the years.

Final thoughts

There are many great online slot machines with anime themes available. The studios seem to keep close control of their properties, so it’s unlikely that a slot machine inspired by Naruto, One Punch, or Attack on Titan will emerge soon. But there are more than enough games with designs that pay tribute to this wonderful and popular genre – try one of them today.

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