The best anime themed slot games

Since their invention towards the end of the 19th century, slots have been a popular choice among gamers all over the world and it’s easy to see why. As one of the faster-paced games found on casino floors, the simplicity and playability of slot machines give them a broad appeal.

When they were first introduced into bars and dancehalls, slot machines featured some of the traditional symbols that are still popular in slot games today. Indeed, the fully automated machine designed by Charles Fey was named the Liberty Bell after one of the most prominent symbols.

These remained a popular choice among slots manufacturers with slot machines all over the world tending to use the same few designs. When slots went digital, their first iterations also featured the familiar imagery, but the technological revolution has seen some pretty dramatic changes in the look and feel of slots.

Video slots were already popular when the craze for home computing allowed people to play from the comfort of their own living rooms. As technology continued to evolve, online slots maintained the game’s popularity, but the design options for slots became much more varied.

Anime themed slots

From ancient Greek mythology to the latest films and TV shows, online slots can now cater to players with a truly diverse range of interests. Games designers can include almost anything, so any cultural movement with a fan base can have slots dedicated to their favourite thing.

This has been a boon for anime lovers who can head to sites such as Virgin Games to choose from a wide selection of anime -themed slots, including:

Moon Princess

This beautifully designed game is one of the most popular slots due to its beautifully opulent appearance. Players have to look out for moons, stars, and princess symbols as the reel spin, and there are plenty of bonus games and other jackpots to be found as you play.

Nine-tails Ninja

This unique slot machine actually delivers different bonus rounds depending on the time of year, so players might have a completely different experience playing in the summer and the winter. The bonus rounds either feature terrifying demons and monsters in the summer months or shadow clones and ninjas in the winter.

Koi Princess

This is another royal-based game, in this one the player is tending to a pond full of koi carp, attempting to keep them healthy and happy as the reels spin and the symbols match up. The game features a kawaii anime mascot to guide players through the different levels, which makes it feel like a real adventure as you play.

Kensei Blades

For players that want a bit more adventure in their slots, this game has plenty to keep them on the edge of their seats as they take on the challenge of leading a hero to victory. Players must complete the adventure and defeat their opponent in battle at the end in order to take home the biggest prizes.

Hakura Ways

Within the hills of Japan lie countless riches, if only the right player were to appear to seek them out. This game is designed with the Japanese aesthetic in mind, using symbols that denote friendship and cooperation in a game that is beautiful as well as engaging.

Sakura Fortune

Fans of cherry blossom will appreciate this game which gives players an incredible digital view of some of the most impressive blooming cherry trees around. The dazzling number of winning combinations works with the eye-catching graphics to make this a tempting treat for anyone with an eye for design.

Flower Goddess

Meeting with a goddess could barely be more exciting, but this happy little adventure is your opportunity to prepare yourself for a face-to-face with a spiritual deity. To reach the beautiful destination, you have to complete the challenges along the way and earn the goddesses good favour.

Candy Island Princess

From the makers of the Moon Princess slots, this game is designed to appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth. Featuring an array of temptingly realistic treats, this game sees players trying to choose the newest candy princess from the array of candidates, but who will the winner be?

Sakura Lady

As one of the first anime slots to be featured in casinos in Las Vegas, Sakura Lady has an established pedigree that has earned it a global reputation. This also draws heavily on themes such as the cherry blossom that the main character is trying to grow in her garden.

Toki Time

Anyone who remembers the Tamagotchi craze of the 1990s will appreciate the imagery on this fun slots game as the graphics have a kawaii version of these massively popular little digital pets.

Anime fans have a huge number of slots to choose from if they want to enjoy their favourite pastime in style.

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