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Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Raw Scans, English Spoilers Released

Solo Leveling Chapter 147 will continue the ongoing battle between two powerhouses Korean S-Rank Hunter Sung Jin-woo and Scavenger Guild Leader Thomas Andre. At this moment we can not say who is more superior and going to win the fight. To find out more read the spoilers below.

In the last chapter, we saw that Thomas Andre was very angry but Sung Jin-woo does not care about anything and was ready to take on everyone alone. The battle was fierce between Shadow soldiers and other American heroes but the centers of attraction were Sung Jin-woo and Thomas Andre.

Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Raw Scans English Spoilers Released

Thomas Andre is really powerful but he lacks speed and Jin-woo takes advantage of it and punched him and tried to stab him using his short sword but that was useless against Thomas’s body shield and Jin-woo gets punched. Thomas Andre is angry and tries to use his weapon Invisible hand but Jin-woo suppresses the effect using his shadow force.

Thomas was bleeding and now he is getting serious. He transforms himself into an armored body and opens something like a black hole that was consuming everything but somehow Jin-woo managed to avoid the attack. More to be revealed in Solo Leveling 147.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Release Date and Time

UPDATE: Due to health-related issues of the author the chapter was delayed for a week. Chapter 147 will be released next week at the same time.

Solo Leveling Chapter 147 will be released this Wednesday around midnight on 14th April 2021. The chapter will first be released in the Korean Language on official publishing partner Kakaopage and then will be released with subtitles into various languages like Indonesian, English, Thai, etc.

Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Release Date14h April 2021
Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Release Time4 AM Korean Time

There is still some time in the release of Solo Leveling 147 but the spoilers are out as the light novel of the series is already published with the same name. Also, the release time and date may vary according to your living area so keep checking your sources to read the chapter as soon as you can.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Raw Scans

Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Raw Scans will be released soon and these raw scans will be available to read on Kakaopage’s official website. The subtitled version takes some time to get released. Till then, Read the English spoilers for the upcoming chapter below

Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Spoilers

  • Thomas’s attack injured many and American hunters were called off the field.
  • Thomas Andre used his power “Power Smash”.
  • But Jin-woo is ready for any type of attack and directly confronts Thomas.
  • Upon seeing this Thomas increase his power and Jin-woo did the same in response.
  • Jin-woo was fast and punched Thomas and avoided Thomas’s attack at the same time.
  • Thomes flew away like a rocket and collided directly into walls.
  • He tried to get his senses back but Jin-woo was ready with another attack.
  • Angry Thomas threw countless punches but none of them were able to touch Jin-woo.
  • Due to Jin-woo’s continuous attack, Thomas dealt huge damage and now spitting blood.
  • Thomas is not understanding what is going on and collects his strength for one last punch but that was all in vain.
  • Jin-woo avoided this attack and attacked him again from the above.
  • Adam white noticed something crashing in the ground and it was none other than Thomas Andre the Goliath.
  • Jin-woo continued with his attacks.
  • Thomas can not move much but his strength is draining really fast.
  • Jin-woo throws Thomas again in the sky.
  • Thomas is spitting blood with every attack.
  • JIn-woo heard a familiar voice in the sky from the ground.
  • Adam White screaming ‘Please Stop!’
  • Then Thomas opened his mouth and said ‘I Lost’
  • Jin-woo won this fight.
Solo Leveling 147 Raw Scans English Spoilers Released

Jin-woo is the winner of this fight and it looked like an easy win for him, but bigger threats are waiting for him. More to be revealed in upcoming chapters. Till then, You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates about Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Raw Scans and Solo Leveling 147 Spoilers.

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