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Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Raw Scans, English Spoilers Release Date, Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 136 is releasing this week on Wednesday and every fan is excited to see the Boss fight between Hunter Jin-Woo and The Giant Monster protecting the dungeon in Tokyo, Japan.

In the previous chapter, we saw that Jin-woo summoned Tusk, Igris, and Beru and their armies to fight the countless monsters destroying the cities. They cleared the cities one after another and finally reached Tokyo where the S-Rank Gate opened.

Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Raw Scans English Spoilers Release Date Time
Solo Leveling Chapter 136

A Giant monster is protecting the S-Rank Gate in Tokyo and Hunter Jin-woo’s are ready to fight but they are waiting for their master’s signal. On the last page, Jin-woo gives them permission to fight and says ‘‘My Soldiers! Charge!”.

Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Release Date and Time

Solo Leveling Chapter 136 will be released on 20th January 2021 at around 3:30 to 4 AM KST (Korean Standard Time) on Kakaopage’s Official website. But the official release is in the Korean language and we have to wait for some more time till it gets translated into English, Indonesian, and various other languages.

Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Release Date20 January 2021
Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Release Time4 AM Korean Time

While we still have time in the official release of Solo Leveling 136 you can enjoy the Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Spoilers taken directly from the light novel of Solo Leveling. The release time may be different according to your locations so keep checking your reading sources around this time.

Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Raw Scans

Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Raw Scans will be released 3 to 4 hours before the English release. These raw scans are Korean scans that get released on Kakaopage website. Till then Read Spoilers for the next chapter in the Solo Leveling 136 Spoilers section below.

Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Spoilers

The previous chapter Solo Leveling 135 included Hunter Jin-woo and his army solo taking on the giants spread in an entire country. They almost killed all giants and cleared all cities and reaching towards the center of attack Tokyo where the S-Rank Gate happened.

Solo Leveling 136 Raw Scans English Spoilers Release Date Time
Solo Leveling 136

What is waiting for them at the dungeon? Is that Giant Monster too much powerful or just a small fry compared to Sung Jin-woo. Read the spoilers below to find out.

Solo Leveling 136 Spoilers

  • After Jin-woo’s command Shadow Army (Ants, Ice Bears, Giants) is marching towards the Giant at Gate.
  • The Giant disappeared from the view and appeared after some time.
  • The Giant killed almost half of the Shadow Army and Jin-woo can’t believe it.
  • Tusk is also amazed to see what was happening.
  • The battle was one thousand against one but The Boss Giant is dominating the thousand Shadow Soldiers.
  • Shadow soldiers are getting killed one after another.
  • Beru and Igris are waiting for Jin-woo’s order but Hunter Jin-woo says ‘Not now’.
  • Jin-woo is using his immortal army to find the weaknesses of the Giant.
  • Jin-woo summoned out his Sky Dragon Kaisel and climbed his back and says “Igris, Beru Let’s go”.
  • Giant punches Kaisel and Kaisel explode into Black smoke.
  • The battle turned into Monster vs Monster from Hunter vs Monster.
  • After a fierce battle, they were able to defeat the Giant.
  • But a message popped up and Jin-woo was that much shocked that he didn’t even notice his four level-ups.
  • The Giant was not the Boss of Dungeon but it was a regular Giant.
  • Who is the Boss of this Dungeon? How much powerful it is?

Currently, these are the spoilers we can tell you now for complete story wait for the chapter to get officially released. We will update more spoilers and details as soon as we get Solo leveling 136 raw scans. You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates about Solo Leveling Chapter 136 Raw Scans and Solo Leveling 136 Spoilers.

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