New Bleach Chapter Will Be Published in Upcoming Weekly Shonen Jump Issue

Tite Kubo’s Bleach will be receiving a new chapter in the upcoming Weekly Shonen Jump 36-37 Issue to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The new chapter of Bleach will be 73 pages long.

With Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Arc anime adaptation announced in March 2020, fans are excited to see the final arc of the Bleach manga getting animated. Though the studio, staff, cast, and other details are not known yet, we hope to get some info about the sequel with the new chapter.

New Bleach Chapter Will Be Published in Upcoming Weekly Shonen Jump Issue

Tite Kubo has illustrated Ichigo Kurosaki to celebrate the special Bleach chapter in the upcoming Shonen Jump Issue 36-37 to celebrate Bleach’s 20th Anniversary.

Ichigo for New Bleach Chapter New illustration by Tite Kubo
Ichigo New illustration by Tite Kubo (Source – Tweet)

Bleach began serialization in August 2001, and with its unique character designs, compelling story, and art, Bleach’s overwhelming popularity resulted in an anime adaptation that aired from 2004 to 2012.

But in the year 2016, the manga was suddenly rushed to an end. For many of Bleach’s die-hard fans who followed it for nearly two decades, it was disappointing, while some weren’t bothered, most of them wanted more and the opinion remains the same till now.

The loyalists of Bleach manga wanted a proper ending of their favorite series and after five years of its ending, their prayer has been heard, though not exactly what they wanted, but as we all know something is always better than nothing.

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Tite Kubo is presenting us with a chapter of 73 pages, it can be a side story or the life of the characters after Bleach’s ending or it can be something to tease a continuation including a special announcement about the anime.

New Bleach Chapter Release Date10th August 2021

Besides all the announcements surrounding Bleach, we must not forget that Tite Kubo published 5 chapters, including 4 chapters and a one-shot for Burn the WItch in Weekly Shonen Jump.

Burn the Witch takes place in the Bleach Universe. It follows the lives of two witches in the Western branch of Soul Society, which is in Reverse London.

Fans are eagerly waiting for a weekly/monthly serialization of Burn the Witch as the story has too many elements to play around with. And who in their right mind wouldn’t welcome Tite Kubo’s work with open arms?

All of the chapters had color pages while those chapters were also adapted by Studio Colorido into an anime that was released in October 2020. All three episodes of Burn the Witch are available to watch on Crunchyroll.

It isn’t just you, all the die-hard Bleach fans across the globe are waiting for new information on the anime as well as Burn the Witch in the new Bleach chapter coming out in Shonen Jump Issue 36-37 coming out on 10th August 2021.

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