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[Lady Nagant and Gentle are back] My Hero Academia Chapter 378 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

The Ex-villains have joined the heroes and that might be a turning point in My Hero Academia Chapter 378 as the war proceeds as the villains are taking on very crucial roles and this might change the outcome of this long war. Read more about it below.

In the previous chapter, we saw that the chapter started with showing a tree of cherry blossoms, and then we saw narration telling that the heroes are in a bad place now and the villains are getting strong and fighting back. Then in the present time, a portal opened and Aizaawa noticed Mic.

My Hero Academia Chapter 378 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Read English Reddit Viz Leaks Mangaplus Bnha Mha

Then a Twice clone also appeared from the same portal and then started multiplying. Those clones then started attacking Aizawa, Manual, and Monoma. This commotion distracted Monoma for a second and then a huge explosion happened. This explosion destroyed the power polls and the arena started to fall. This means they are no longer in the air.

Then Shigaraki started with his weird questions and asked Deku that why Midoriya wanted to know if he was still there. Deku noticed this change and understood that the old Shigaraki personality is back. Skeptic hacked the U.A. system and the underground shelters. Deku was very tired because of the effect and said this is the effect of Gear Shift on his body and then said that he needs a break otherwise he won’t be able to breathe.

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The second user warned Deku that they can not stop there. The second user saw that All for one was not able to fully control Shigaraki’s body. This is the hero’s chance for victory. Skeptic kept hacking but then suddenly a silhouette appears on one of his computers saying “Found you”. The voice said it was very difficult to find him but it was all for Gentle’s sake. The chapter ended with LA BRAVA standing next to Tsukauchi hacking Skeptic.

My Hero Academia Chapter 378 Release Date

My Hero Academia 378 is scheduled and will get released this Sunday 22nd January 2023. The chapter will be in this week’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue along with other Weekly Shonen Jump titles. You can visit our homepage if you read other WSJ mangas too.

My Hero Academia Chapter 378 Release Date22nd January 2023
My Hero Academia Chapter 378 Raw Scans Release18th January 2023

My Hero Academia Chapter 378 Raw Scans

My Hero Academia Chapter 378 Raw Scans has been released and it shows that certain villains that have joined the heroes have changed the tide of this war on the heroes side.

My Hero Academia Chapter 378 Raw Scans
The raw scan shows Gentle in front of Mikuzu prison. He confronts the prisoners as they escape while remembering Deku’s words.
My Hero Academia Chapter 378 Raw Scans
When things got out of hand, Gentle fought all the prisoners alone and won. In exchange for this, he asked the police to let him meet La Brava.
My Hero Academia Chapter 378 Raw Scans
Now in present, we see Gentle holding the whole UA building in the air using his powers. La Brava is very excited as she looks at Gentle.
My Hero Academia Chapter 378 Raw Scans
Lady Nagant is on a building and shoots Shigaraki’s hand and the shot tears it away.

My Hero Academia Chapter 378 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – The Story of How We All Became Heroes – Part 3
  • The chapter starts with La Brava saying that in her shut-in era, she hacked into Feel Good Inc’s servers for fun.
  • We then see Skeptic freaking out and remembering her.
  • All the monitors that Skeptic was controlling have been taken over by dancing Ganriki Nekos.
  • Skeptic is freaking out again looking at this happening.
  • He realizes that this is the time to escape and turns the two most important computers into humanoids.
  • The UA is still falling and La Brava says that they need a new system.
  • The old system is damaged and she will not able to make a new one in time.
  • Tsukauchi didn’t like the idea of teaming up with villains but then thought about Aoyama.
  • Now in UA, Deku remembers Shigaraki’s words from the last war that not being understanding is what makes them heroes and villains.
  • Mandalay warns everyone that the school building is going to fall.
  • Kaminari and Fukidashi see the Twice clones and get worried about Aizawa and Monoma.
  • US jets are skeptical of using lasers as they might hit heroes with the attacks.
  • Then they notice Gentle in the air.
  • Skeptic has been cornered by Hound Dog, Ms. Joke, Shindou, and Nakagame.
  • La Brava says to Gentle good luck and they are counting on him.
  • Then we see a flashback of Mikuzu prison being destroyed by the Tartarus escapees.
  • The prisoners are thinking about what evil they will do but Gentle confronts them and asks if this is the path they want to choose.
  • The prisoners attack him, he panics for a second but then remembers Deku’s words and stands up again with confidence.
  • He then fought all of them and stopped them from escaping.
  • Upon arrival, police asked him what he wants in return and he said that he wants to meet La Brava.
  • Now in present, Gentle is holding the entire UA using his Gently Super Lover.
  • Deku realizes that this is Gentle but then Banjo appears and says that Shigaraki is moving again.
  • Shigaraki moves his hand but it gets pierced by a bullet.
  • Then we see Lady Nagant on top of a building pointing his gun toward UA.
My Hero Academia 378 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Read English Reddit Viz Leaks Mangaplus Bnha Mha

Where to read Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 378?

There are two official ways to read manga for free. You can read it on Viz Media’s official website or on Shueisha Japan’s official Manga Plus mobile website and app. These sources provide the latest chapters of your favorite manga available for free. For reading the complete manga you will have to pay.

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These are the available details for Boku no My Hero Academia 378 now and if we receive any more information then we will update this article as soon as possible. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates about Mha 378 spoilers.

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