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[Kurogiri Awakens] My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

Kurogiri finally wakes up and a new and very crucial element has just joined the ongoing war in My Hero Academia Chapter 373. But whose side Kurogiri is going to take in this war? Find the answer in the spoilers section below.

In the previous chapter, we saw that Koda and Shoji voluntarily asked Aizawa to assign them to the Central Hospital team. Mic was also on the same team. At the present time, Mic was looking at both of them fighting and was wondering how much they have grown in this short amount of time.

My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Read English Reddit Viz Leaks Mangaplus Bnha Mha 373

Then we saw some things from Koda’s past where his mother told him about her struggles and how his father helped her. Then we saw a joint attack by all three of them. Shoji asked Spinner about his motives with his powers and he replied that this hate towards mutants will never end and then started moving towards the hospital.

He smashed his way through concrete walls and was looking for Kurogiri. It was All for one’s order as he told Spinner that he is a key part of their win in this war. The mutants backed off after they saw doctors lined up in front of the door but Spinner did not stop. The chapter ends with Spinner and Mic arriving at the research tower.

My Hero Academia 373 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 373 is scheduled to get released this Sunday 20th November 2022 after it was on a break last week. The chapter will be in this week’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue number 51 along with other Shonen Jump titles. You can visit our homepage if you read other WSJ mangas too.

My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Release Date20th November 2022
My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Raw Scans Release16th November 2022

My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Raw Scans

My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Raw Scans have been released. The chapter shows how Shoji’s words had an impact on mutants and it shows what they actually believe in. Also, Kurogiri wakes up at the end of the chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Raw Scans Mha 373
In the first scan, we see that Shoji and Koda’s words have reached the mutants and they have stopped their attack on the hospital. The generals are still encouraging them to continue the attack but they all have stopped after Pigman’s words.
My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Raw Scans Mha 373
Inside the hospital, we see Mic launches an attack that damages the recording device All for one gave Spinner and knocks him out and he is just lying on the ground.
My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Raw Scans Mha 373
Shigaraki’s hand from the last war, Spinner thinks about it and other past memories and then stands up again.
My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Raw Scans Mha 373
Mic remembers the time when they were in school and we see Aizawa, Shirakumo, and Mic. Mic wants to keep these memories as a good ones and says the same to Shirakumo.
My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Raw Scans Mha 373
In this scan, we see Spinner has shrunk and he puts Shigaraki’s hand on Kurogiri’s face and he wakes up.
My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Raw Scans Mha 373
Kurogiri wakes up and resembles Shirakumo’s traits on his face. Kurogiri says that he will be the one who will save Shigaraki. Spinner passes out on the ground.

My Hero Academia Chapter 373 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – ‘Friends’
  • The chapter starts with Shoji remembering that Mic told him that he is about to enter the hospital and he must not let anyone through.
  • One mutant comes to attack Shoji with a weapon but gets stopped by the pigman from the last chapter.
  • Pigman tells his story and says that he faced discrimination so many times and suffered because of it.
  • So when he heard Spinner’s call to action, it made his blood boil.
  • He felt like someone was actually taking a stand for him and it was their turn to strike back at the world.
  • But after Shoji’s words, he understands that there are good people in this world too.
  • The pigman then says that he does not know how he was supposed to act.
  • Shoji says that their protest was neither a mistake nor a waste of time.
  • Shoji then tells them to use their light to change society.
  • Rock Lock notices that the mutants have finally stopped.
  • Now inside the hospital, we see Mic shooting a voice wave in Kurogiri’s direction.
  • This wave knocks down Spinner and damages the device with FO and Tomura’s recordings.
  • Spinner is out of strength and can’t even move a finger, he is just lying on the ground.
  • His body has also shrunk.
  • Then he realizes that along with that device, one of Shigaraki’s hands also fell to the ground Spinner put in his face at the end of the last war.
  • All Spinner really wanted was to be able to reach Shigaraki.
  • Mic starts an internal monologue, telling Shirakumo that Aizawa has lost an eye and a leg.
  • Mic says that this is the reason he can’t lose his good memories.
  • He says that if he is no longer Shirakumo, the best thing is for him to disappear and stay a good memory.
  • Mic is about to finish his monologue but Spinner stands up.
  • Spinner then puts that hand on Kurogiri’s mouth and says let’s save Shigaraki.
  • Kurogiri breaks free and we can see Shirakumo’s traits on his face, like a pupil and the bandage on his nose.
  • But he says that “I am the one who protects Tomura Shigaraki”.
  • Chapter ends.
My Hero Academia 373 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Read English Reddit Viz Leaks Mangaplus Bnha Mha 373
Aizawa, Mic, and, Shirakumo

Where to read Boku no My Hero Academia 373?

There are two official ways to read manga for free. You can read it on Viz Media’s official website or on Shueisha Japan’s official Manga Plus mobile website and app. These sources provide the latest chapters of your favorite manga available for free. For reading the complete manga you will have to pay.

These are the available details for Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 373 now and if we receive any more information then we will update this article as soon as possible. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates about Mha 373 spoilers.

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