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My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

Spinner is living in his head and thinks that doing all this stuff will make him something in My Hero Academia Chapter 372 but it looks like his mutant buddies have had a change of heart after looking at those doctors. Read about it in detail below.

In the last chapter, we got to know about Shoji’s past. Spinner was confused and was not able to focus at all and asked Shoji to tell him what he said about the hospital again. Shoji told Spinner that this attack will only take them behind in time. Spinner got angry after hearing that and we see him with All for one, AFO was giving him some quirks.

My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Reddit Viz Leaks Read English Bnha Mha 372

He also remembered how he used to play video games with Shigaraki. Spinner then held his thoughts together and attacked Shoji. Shoji goes flying after the attack and Koda remembers the time when Shoji showed his face to the class and told his story. He is from a small village and his parents are not mutants.

Shoji faced many difficulties due to that but he always focused on good and his perspective changed when he saved a little girl from drowning using his arms. Shoji then again tries to confront Spinner saying that they are the same but Spinner says he does not care at all. More spikes were coming out of Spinner’s head as they both prepared for their attacks.

My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Release Date

My Hero Academia 372 is scheduled to get released this Sunday 6th November 2022 in this week’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue number 49 along with other Shonen Jump titles. You can visit our homepage if you read other WSJ mangas too.

My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Release Date6th November 2022
My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Raw Scans Release3rd November 2022

My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Raw Scans

My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Raw Scans have been released. The chapter shows a flashback from Koda’s past, how Spinner is thinking he is doing something good and more.

My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Raw Scans Mha 372
The first raw scan shows a flashback from Koda’s past. Where her mom talked to him about how he is special and how some difficulties might come his way but he must choose good all the time.
My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Raw Scans Mha 372
Spinner looks like Godzilla here and he is destroying the concrete walls like nothing and has entered the central hospital.
My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Raw Scans Mha 372
All for one gave the mission to retrieve Kurogiri to Spinner as he is part of AFO’s big plan. The doctors and nurses can be seen blocking the research center where Kurogiri is kept. Still, this does not stop Spinner.
My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Raw Scans Mha 372
Spinner is thinking that he is doing all good as following these orders will make him something from a nobody. He thinks that the mutants supporting him agree with him but when he turns around there is no one.
My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Raw Scans Mha 372
The last page of the chapter shows Mic and Spinner both reaching the research center and calling out to Kurogiri.

My Hero Academia Chapter 372 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – ‘Naked’
  • The chapter starts with Koda and Shoji asking Aizawa and All Might to assign them to the Central Hospital team.
  • All Might and Aizawa looked confused as this info was kept secret from students.
  • Shoji says that Giant Lady told them that a mutant group is planning a raid.
  • Shoji says that if he ignores this, he won’t be able to call himself a hero.
  • Mic also goes to the central hospital.
  • At present, Mic is watching Shoji and Koda fighting mutants and thinks that they have grown much stronger.
  • In a flashback, Koda’s mom tells her that his horn will grow someday.
  • She says that people made fun of her because of her horns.
  • But Koda’s father who is not a mutant always defended her.
  • Shoji and Koda attack at the same time with Octo Expansion and Hitchcock Buzz.
  • It lands a strong punch on Spinner first and then a flurry of birds.
  • Mic also helps with his voice.
  • Shoji asks Spinner what he wants to do with his powers.
  • He asks the same thing about the mutants on the ground.
  • He says that this attack will affect the future of all mutants.
  • Spinner starts yelling and says that this hatred will never disappear.
  • Spinner then starts moving towards the Central Hospital.
  • He has gotten stronger and can break through concrete now.
  • We hear some bullets being fired, Spinner can be seen smashing through the hospital’s entrance hall.
  • Spinner is looking for Kurogiri on All for one’s orders as AFO told him that he is essential for their win.
  • He was ordered to play a voice recording of Shigaraki or AFO himself when he meets Kurogiri.
  • Then we see that all the doctors and nurses in the hospital joined hands to block a hall.
  • One mutant gets shocked looking at them and drops his weapon.
  • Spinner is still moving forward.
  • He thinks that doing this will make him something from a nobody.
  • He says that the proof is that so many people are following him, but when he turns around he sees no one.
  • Then Mic arrives and says that Shoji’s voice reached other mutants and he will not be able to succeed.
  • The chapter ends with both of them arriving at the research tower.
  • Spinner shouts “KUROGIRI” and Mic shouts “SHIRAKUMO”.
My Hero Academia 372 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date Reddit Viz Leaks Read English Bnha Mha 372

Where to read Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 372?

There are two official ways to read manga for free. You can read it on Viz Media’s official website or on Shueisha Japan’s official Manga Plus mobile website and app. These sources provide the latest chapters of your favorite manga available for free. For reading the complete manga you will have to pay.

These are the available details for Boku no My Hero Academia 372 now and if we receive any more information then we will update this article as soon as possible. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates about Mha 372 spoilers.

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