Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 2 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch Online

Gabimaru has accepted the task he is unaware of and Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 2 will start his journey to the island which has never returned a human alive but he is all set to do it as he sees hope of reuniting with his wife. Read till the end for the complete details about Jigokuraku Episode 2.

In the first episode, we saw that Gabimaru was on death row for his crimes and the local lord tried to execute him many times using different methods but nothing worked on him. Gabimaru always claimed that he clung to death but all along he wanted to live for his wife and she made him change his heart.

Jigokuraku Hell's Paradise Episode 2 Release Date Time Where to Watch Online Crunchyroll Netflix

This all went south when Gabimaru asked his wife’s father and village leader who also killed Gabimaru’s parents for unknown reasons to be released from his duties. Gabimaru was then thrown out of his village but the hope of meeting her wife again is still keeping him alive even though he claims that he wants to die.

Sagiri, another lead from the series made him an offer that if he can bring the elixir of life (some magic potion that keeps a person in his youth forever) he will be released from his crimes and then he can return to his wife. Gabimaru then accepted the offer without knowing the things that are coming for him. A detailed recap can be read below.

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 2 Release Date

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 2 is scheduled to get released on Saturday, 8th April 2023. The anime series is one of the first to get released this Spring season and it is getting well received by the fans.

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 2 Release Date8th April 2023

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 2 Release Time for different regions

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 2 will be released at 11:00 PM Japanese Time. Check out the release time according to your region in the below table.

Pacific Release Time7 AM PST on Saturday, 8th April 2023
Eastern Release Time10:00 AM EST on Saturday, 8th April 2023
Central Release Time9:00 AM EST on Saturday, 8th April 2023
Indian Release Time7:30 PM IST on Saturday, April 8th 2023

Where to Watch Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 2 Online?

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 2 can be streamed through Crunchyroll which will serve the series in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, and India and on Netflix which will stream the series in Asia and Oceania excluding China, Australia, and New Zealand.

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 1 Recap

The very first episode of the series started with the first execution of Gabimaru the protagonist as he is on death row and feudal lords want him dead. The first execution is with his head being cut but the thing that gets cut is the blade they were using. Gabimaru portrays himself that he hates everything and having nothing to live for. Then he thinks about why he can’t die when he wants it. We then see the female lead of the series Sagiri who is interrogating Gabimaru and why can’t he die.

Gabimaru is from Iwagakure, that is a town of Shinobi who are trained to assassinate people, Gabimaru also has killed too many and he does not even know the count. Then the second execution attempt we see if setting him on fire but he also walks away from it as if nothing happened. Sagiri is recording all these her notes and asking questions Gabimaru. Then we take a look into Gabimaru’s backstory. He does not know who his parents were and they were killed by the village chief for unknown reasons but he does not have any feelings about it.

Jigokuraku Hell's Paradise Episode 2 Release Date Time Where to Watch Online Crunchyroll Netflix

He also does not have any big goal and he just killed people because he was ordered to do so. He then got bored and tried to leave the village but that is not possible for Shinobi and that is why he ended up in his current situation. The next execution we see is getting pulled by bulls but here Gabimaru’s strength easily gets over with bulls. Then we got to know that he wanted to leave the village because of his wife who is also the village chief’s daughter. He got fed up with her and asked to leave the village.

He then got caught in a trap set by Chief but somehow escaped from the village. He is called Hollow because he does not have any emotions and all. He then tried to burn with oil but this was also a failed attempt Gabimaru now was questioning his own dilemma about his life. Then we saw Sagiri and some samurai in a room where Sagiri was introduced as a sword tester and executioner from Edo. This time Gabimaru felt real terror and knew that Sagiri is a serious deal and he can not escape now.

Then she attacked him and it was a difference of microseconds but Gabimaru was able to dodge that attack. Then Sagiri told him that he told her all truth but he lied about one thing and that thing was his wife. He had a change of heart after he got married and we saw the scar his wife was intentionally given to her by her father so she can feel ordinary. He then decided that he will quit killing people and live like a normal person with his wife but he made a mistake here that he assumed that the village chief will understand after all it was about his daughter’s life.

Jigokuraku Hell's Paradise Episode 2 Release Date Time Where to Watch Online Crunchyroll Netflix Ep 2 Gabimaru

Things then went south and he got trapped and ended up in his current situation where he is fighting an executioner over the fact that she does not acknowledge him as a hollow same like his wife did not. Then Sagiri stopped the fight and told him that he can get his freedom in one way and he will be pardoned for all the crimes he did till now. Then we saw an explanation about Hell’s Paradise Island situated in the underworld.

The Shogun wants the elixir of life and after many unsuccessful attempts they are now sending the most notorious criminals to the island to get the elixir and Sagiri is recruiting them. She also told him that his wife is still in Iwagakure and waiting for his return since the day he got captured. Gabimaru then thought about his wife for a moment and then remembered Sagiri’s request to see ninjutsu and then used an attack called ‘Ninpo: Ascetic Blaze‘. He then accepted Sagiri’s offer and said he will do anything for her.

About Jigokuraku [Hell’s Paradise]

The manga series is famous for its intense and violent action scenes, as well as its complex storyline. It has received critical acclaim for its unique characters and world-building and has gained a huge fanbase since its initial release in 2018.

The story begins with Gabimaru, a skilled ninja who is a death row inmate, being given a chance at redemption by the shogunate. He and a group of criminals are sent to a remote island called “Hell’s Paradise” to find the elixir of immortality. Upon arriving at the location, they discover that it is a deadly place, filled with monsters, demons, and powerful ninja clans. Gabimaru is initially reluctant to work with the others but after some time forms a bond with them as they face numerous challenges together.

As their journey goes deeper into the island, they encounter a variety of creatures and enemies, including a group of ninjas known as the “Yamada Asaemon” who were given the task of capturing them, and a powerful demon known as “Tensen” who rules over the island. Gabimaru’s past is also gradually revealed through flashbacks, which show his troubled history as a ninja and the reason for his incarceration. He also develops a romantic relationship with another member of the criminal group, a woman named Sagiri.

The story is known for its intense and graphic action scenes, which often involve brutal violence and gore. However, it also features complex characters and a richly detailed world, with many intricate plot twists and surprises. “Hell’s Paradise” has been praised for its unique and creative take on the ninja and samurai genre, as well as its storytelling and character development.

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