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Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks, Release Date

The backstory of Phantom Troupe continues in Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396. This chapter shows their starts as a dubbing group but we now how they turned out, this might get revealed in the upcoming chapters how they turn into Spiders. Read till the end for spoilers and raw scans.

In the last chapter, we saw Phantom Troupe’s backstory from the time when they were in Meteor city. We saw in the present Hinrigh, Wang, and Tserriednich soldiers talking about the Heil-ly family hideout. Hinrigh thinks that Heil-ly members are using nen to travel. The hideout they were talking about was fake.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396 Spoilers Raw Scans Leaks Release Date Read Reddit English Viz HxH Phantom Troupe's Backstory

Nobunaga and other spiders searched the place thoroughly but there was nothing there. Now in the past, There were Chrollo, Shalnark, and Franklin in one team, Uvo and Machi in another, and Phinks and Feitan used to tag along. Their treasure was video tapes collected from the garbage. Uvo was a bully and had a specified area where only he can collect the tapes.

Chrollo was an intelligent boy who learned foreign languages. There were some shady things also going on in meteor city. One day while watching a video there was no audio and the next day Chrollo came up with a plan to dub it. The chapter ended with the start of dubbing the video with Paku, Shiela, and Sarasa.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396 Release Date

Hunter X Hunter 396 will be released this upcoming Sunday 27th November 2022. Raw scans and Spoilers for the upcoming chapter are released and are mentioned below in their respective sections.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396 Release Date27th November 2022
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396 Raw Scans Release24th November 2022

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396 Raw scans and Leaks

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 395 Raw scans and Leaks have been released and the chapter continues the story from Phantom Troupe’s past in the meteor city. Raw scans are below.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396 Raw Scans Leaks
The first scan shows the day of screening, the audience was super excited to see the show in their own language. Chrollo dubbed most of the male characters.
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396 Raw Scans Leaks
The screening was interrupted for some moments as the videotape got tangled. Chrollo took the mic and addressed the audience in a character’s voice which was a monster and chrollo was praised for his performance.
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396 Raw Scans Leaks
Uvo then confronted Chrollo and said that he wants to voice the monster from the next part and other also asked for the same and that’s how Phantom Troupe was formed.
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396 Raw Scans Leaks
On the last page, we see Sarasa going home as she found some tapes. We see some suspicious people who are looking to kidnap kids.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – Formation: Part 2
  • The story from Troupe’s past continues.
  • Chrollo gets confronted by Uvo and Phinks as they were furious about their tape being used.
  • Sarasa says to Chrollo not to worry and says she can handle those two.
  • The screening starts and the audience is excited to see the tape in Meteor City’s language.
  • Screening gets stopped as the tape got tangled.
  • Chrollo takes the mic and apologizes to the audience in the character’s voice.
  • Then he starts a count and the movie resumes.
  • Chrollo’s performance as the monster is very impressive.
  • The screening ends with great applause from the audience.
  • Uvo’s and Phinks’s group are waiting for Chrollo after the screening.
  • But now they also want roles as voice artists for the upcoming parts.
  • This is how the group got formed.
  • In one of the table reads, they decided on the group name.
  • Uvo proposes Troupe but Nobunaga says that it is too serious.
  • Uvo says that he is very excited as he finally found what he wants to do.
  • Uvo says “I want to be the world’s #1 villain, in the many plays I will perform”.
  • Chrollo is worried about Sarasa reaching home safely, Shalnark assures him she’s fine as she lives close by.
  • We then see Sarasa walking in industrial waste.
  • She is excited as she found a large dump of video tapes which she thinks may contain new episodes of the Power Cleaners.
  • We see some kidnappers nearby looking for their last victim.
Hunter X Hunter 396 Spoilers Raw Scans Leaks Release Date Read Reddit English Viz HxH Phantom Troupe's Backstory

Where to Read Hunter X Hunter 396?

Hunter x Hunter manga is also a part of Weekly Shonen Jump so it will be available on both Viz Media’s official website and Manga Plus mobile app and website. The latest chapter will be available for free to read for some time while the complete manga reader will need a subscription to their services.

These are the available details for HxH Chapter 396 now and if we receive any more information on HxH 396 then we will update this article as soon as we receive it. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates related to this manga.

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