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[Hisoka’s Here] Hunter X Hunter Chapter 392 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks, Release Date

Zakuro and Lynch have completed their search for the tall man and they have stumbled upon the real Hisoka in Hunter X Hunter Chapter 392. Other groups are also planning different things. Read more about it in the spoilers section below.

In the last chapter, we saw that The guards died after Hinrigh played with their guns. Zakuro and Lynch were going through the building and saw blood stains all over the place. Hinrigh was moving outside and set the cat on record mode. Some people were watching him and one of them said that he will go first. These guys are assassins and targeting Hinrigh.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 392 Spoilers Raw Scans Leaks Release Date Read Reddit English Viz
Hisoka in HxH 392 [Credits – @K0R0SE]

He was granted a wish by Morena and he could turn his hand into any weapon he wanted. He then went to attack Hinrigh but all of sudden his hand got handcuffed by one of his pigeons who transformed himself into a handcuff. The other two started shooting pigeons with their guns but they were not effective against them.

The first man turned his hand into a screwdriver and caught Hinrigh by surprise and pierced his hand. Then a pigeon cuffed his leg and joined the chains together leaving him unable to move. Hinrigh finished him off while the other two went to Morena for their next move as those pigeons of Hinrigh pose a serious threat to their mission.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 392 Release Date

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 392 is scheduled to release this upcoming Sunday 30th October 2022. Raw scans and Spoilers for the same are mentioned below in their respective sections.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 392 Release Date30th October 2022
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 392 Raw Scans Release27th October 2022

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 392 Raw scans and Leaks

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 Raw scans and Leaks has been released. This chapter shows that Zakuro and Lynch have encountered Hisoka while on the other side we see some Phantom Troupe members.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 392 Raw Scans Leaks
The first scan shows Hisoka. He is in a black dress. Zakuro and Lynch are confident after seeing him that he is the 190 cm man they were looking for.
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 392 Raw Scans Leaks
This page from the upcoming chapter shows the sequence between Hisoka, Lynch, and Zakuro. Lynch tries to interrogate Hisoka using her nen ability but Hisoka counter attack in an instant. Zakuro looks terrified by the expression.
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 392 Raw Scans Leaks
Lynch is on the ground while Zakuro is looking very intimidated by Hisoka. He still asks Hisoka to come with them.
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 392 Raw Scans Leaks
This panel shows Nobunaga, Phinks, and Feitan waiting for Luini inside Cha-R headquarters.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 392 Spoilers

  • The crowd started gathering around and Hinrigh used Misha’s nen ability to avoid any suspicion.
  • Misha was a member of Xi-Yu’s body disposal squad.
  • She was able to attach herself to a body and can do the disposal of it later.
  • Hinrigh then went to a soldier and asks for information.
  • The soldier offers to give about Heil-Ly’s hideout in exchange for money.
  • The soldier asks for a down payment of 30 Million.
  • Hinrigh says that he will be back with money.
  • Zakuro and Lynch are still looking for the suspicious man.
  • Lynch tries to interrogate him using her ability but Hisoka counters her in an instant.
  • Zakuro gets convinced that they have found the actual Hisoka and asks him to go with them.
  • The Cha-R Family is also looking for Hisoka.
  • The boss, Wang is aware of Hisoka’s powers.
  • He also knows that he is a floor master in Heavens Arena.
  • Wang thinks that Hisoka is quite unpredictable and can change course of this battle in a moment.
  • Nobunaga, Phinks, and Feitan are waiting for Luini inside Cha-R headquarters.
  • Luini is a assassin from Heil-Ly Group.
  • Luini makes a flashy entrance and mocks those who were waiting inside.
  • They all get ready for the battle.
  • Chapter ends.
Hunter X Hunter 392 Spoilers Raw Scans Leaks Release Date Read Reddit English Viz

Where to Read Hunter X Hunter 392?

Hunter x Hunter manga is also a part of Weekly Shonen Jump so it will be available on both Viz Media’s official website and Manga Plus mobile app and website. The latest chapter will be available for free to read for some time while the complete manga reader will need a subscription to their services.

These are the available details for HxH Chapter 392 now and if we receive any more information on HxH 392 then we will update this article as soon as we receive it. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates related to this manga.

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