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Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks, Release Date

The wait of almost 4 years is finally over and the latest addition to the HxH manga Hunter x Hunter Chapter 391 is finally getting released this week. The story picks up from where it left so read a brief recap first added below. Spoilers and raw scans are also added below in the respective section.

In the last chapter, we saw that Coventoda was looking at the coin that was given by Prince Zhang Lei as it changed into ten from one. The aura is the same but the coin looked different. Tenftory also has the same type of coin. Zhang then visited Xi-Yu Family Boss’ room and asked him about his well-being.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 Spoilers Raw Scans Leaks Release Date Read Reddit English Viz

Zhang then informed him that his three siblings are dead from the Succession Battle. Onior then summoned Hinrigh and discussed the matter. Hinrigh said they should go after Morena and keep an eye on Hisoka and Phantom Troupe. Lynch and Zakuro were given this task by Hinrigh. Then they proceed and encounter two members of Heil-Ly Family, members tried to inform Morena but was confronted by them.

Zakuro uses his power ‘Bloody Mary’ and Lynch used her ability ‘Body and Soul’ to interrogate the family and Morena. Hinrigh then comes to stop his subordinates as per the paper they are civilians and they should be sparred. Hinrigh left while touching the guards’ guns soon turned into snakes shooting bullets from their mouths, killing the soldiers.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 Release Date

Hunter X Hunter is returning after a very long hiatus of almost four years as the last chapter [Chapter 390] was released on 26th November 2018. Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 is scheduled to release this upcoming Sunday 23rd October 2022. Raw scans and Spoilers for the same are covered below.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 Release Date23rd October 2022
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 Raw Scans Release19th October 2022

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 Raw scans and Leaks

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 Raw scans and Leaks are out. We are attaching some tweets that include raw scans. Check them out below.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 Spoilers

  • Chapter Title – ‘Clash 2’
  • Hinrigh, Lynch, and Zakuro get out.
  • Hinrigh says that even if they find Hisoka they should wait for him to get in touch.
  • Then we see a guy following Hinrigh.
  • This man’s hand looks like a hammer and he tries to attack Hinrigh from behind.
  • But suddenly we see a dove that is connected to that man’s hand with the hammer.
  • Soon that dove turns into a complete handcuff and cuffs the attacker.
  • The man then get frees himself from handcuffs and again goes for an attack.
  • This time he turns his hand into a screwdriver and pierces right through Hinrigh’s hand.
  • There are two other men who are also behind Hinrigh.
  • This attack caught Hinrigh by surprise.
  • Then the dove appears again and cuffs that man’s leg this time and chains his hand’s and leg’s cuff together.
  • He gets off balance and falls and Hinrigh finishes him in an instant.
  • The other two men can be seen running.
Hunter X Hunter 391 Spoilers Raw Scans Leaks Release Date Read Reddit English Viz

Where to Read Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391?

Hunter x Hunter manga is also a part of Weekly Shonen Jump so it will be available on both Viz Media’s official website and Manga Plus mobile app and website. The latest chapter will be available for free to read for some time while the complete manga reader will need a subscription to their services.

These are the available details for HxH Chapter 391 now and if we receive any more information on HxH 391 then we will update this article as soon as we receive it. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates related to this manga.

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