Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 Raw Scans Spoilers Released

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 will be revealing more information about angels and the DBS Chapter 71 will be officially titled ‘Heeters Plan’. To find out more read the spoilers below.

In the last chapter, we saw that Granola wants to be the greatest warrior the universe has ever seen and he told his wish to the dragon. Dragon wants an explanation of why he wants to become the greatest warrior. After hearing Granola’s appeal, the dragon said that he can make him the strongest but he can’t help in unleashing his potential.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date Dbs manga

Also, the dragon puts a condition and Granola accepts as he wanted to get stronger as soon as possible. Beerus and Vegeta were still training and they were applying the God of Destruction hakai on a stone but Beerus also told the consequences of using it recklessly.

Goku was looking at the training and Whis asked if he is worried about something. Goku replied that he should focus on his ultra instinct. Whis said according to The Oracle Fish said the greatest warrior in the universe will appear soon. On the planet cereal, Granola can be seen in a new form testing his abilities on a boulder.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 will be released next Friday, 20th April 2021 in the Monthly V-Jump magazine by Shueisha Japan. Raw Drafts and spoilers are out of DBS 71, you can check and read them below

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 Release Date20th April 2021
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 Raw Scans14th April 2021

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 Raw Scans

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 Raw Scans or Drafts of the first few pages are out and we are attaching some tweets that contain the information you are looking for. DBS Chapter 71 raw scans can also be found on related sites and forums, you can check them there also.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 Spoilers

  • Title – ‘Heeters Plan’
  • Whis asks Goku what is the difference between him and angels.
  • Goku replies that he does not have a Halo.
  • Then suddenly Goku gets slapped and Whis says that angels are always in the Ultra Instinct state.
  • Goku says that to use Ultra Instinct he has to transform his body.
  • Whis replies that this is not the case and he can access it without transforming.
  • Goku just has to make his mind stable.
  • Whis then shows Goku how he controls his staff.
  • Goku says he can use the ultra instinct without transforming.
  • Whis agrees and he also doesn’t have to care about stamina and the time-limit problem.
  • Goku says he is always in trouble when he is out of stamina.
  • Whis suggests that Goku can use this Ultra Instinct as his last weapon in the battle.
  • Goku says it will take a long time.
  • Then whis calls Vegeta as he wants to tell them something.
  • Whis says that this training means that they have to surpass their limits.
  • Vegeta is confused but Goku says he wants to become stronger every day.
  • Vegeta says they are training daily so why tell this now?
  • Whis says he sensed some changes in the universe and he is telling it out of caution.
  • Goku is surprised and asks if the disturbance is related to them or it is a new enemy?
  • Whis says it is not clear yet whether it is an enemy or not.
Dragon Ball Super DBS Manga Chapter 71 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date Leaks

This covers all the spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 and for the official English Chapter release you will have a few more days (20th April 2021, Tuesday).

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Where to Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71?

 Dragon Ball Super 71 can be read on various manga sites but we recommend you use only official sources as the official sources also provide the latest DBS Manga Chapters for free without any hidden charges. You can read DBS Chapter 71 completely free on either Viz media’s official website and Shonen Jump app and also Shueisha Japan’s Manga Plus app and website.

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