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Dr Stone Chapter 185 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 185 will show the beginning of the battle between Senku and his kingdom of science vs Stanley and his team. The raw scans for chapter 185 are out. Keep reading for the spoilers and the release date.

In the previous chapter, we saw that Senku and his team construct a fort for the final battle against Stanley since Senku knows that Dr. Xeno has given a signal to Stanley. Kohaku asks Senku that how he is calm knowing that Stanley is going to attack them to which Senku replies that they will require Perseus(the ship) for traveling around the world and for that it will be necessary to fight Stanley.

Dr Stone Chapter 185 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date
Dr Stone Chapter 185

Tukasa and Hyoga discuss their chances of winning the fight and arrives at the conclusion that they are at a disadvantage since their wounds are not healed. The team’s last hope is the petrification device which will help them to turn the tides. For this purpose, the group starts to search the raw materials for diamonds.

Kaseki tries to open the device without breaking them but keeps failing as the device is very small. The other members are trying to think that how could they attack Stanley’s team without putting themselves in danger. Ukyo suggests that they fire Medusa using a bow and arrow while Taiju suggests that he will take the Medusa and will barge in front of the enemy.

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Chrome, after hearing Taiju’s plan, suggests that they should petrify all of the islands when Stanley’s team will land, and one of their members will be hiding from the petrification ray and will revive them later. The team likes this idea and place a Medusa at the top of the watchtower and surrounds it with a speaker so that anyone can easily activate it.

Dr Stone Chapter 185 Release date

Dr Stone Chapter 185 will be released on Sunday, 14th February 2021 ( valentine’s day ?) along with other popular titles like Mha 301, Black Clover 282, and others of weekly shonen jump. Dr Stone Chapter 185 raw scans are released but we can not share them here as it is against Shueisha’s copyright rules but you can see the full summary of raw scans below.

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Dr Stone Chapter 185 Release Date14th February 2021
Dr Stone Chapter 185 Raw Scans Release Date 12th February 2021

Dr Stone Chapter 185 Spoilers

As mentioned earlier, chapter 185 will feature the beginning of the battle against Stanley. Some of the key spoilers are as follows

Dr Stone 185 Raw Scans Spoilers Release Date
Dr Stone 185
  • Senku and Ryusui think that they can win if they could petrify the whole island while keeping one of their own member in hiding.
  • Kaseki works hard and is able to open a device without breaking it.
  • Gen suggests they should just put the used diamond battery once again so that the device could fire a single shot.
  • Kaseki says that the device he is having is very old and it is not possible for him to replace the battery, but he says that he will definitely find a way to start the device again.
  • Joel creates many diamonds but is not able to start the device again.
  • Kaseki also faces the same difficulties, but Senku encourages him by saying that science is a process of trial and error.
  • Chrome observes that the diamond made by Kaseki are stronger than the diamonds inside the Medusa.
  • Kaseki then realizes that why did the diamonds inside Medusa were filled with cracks as a diamond can be cut in a way so that no cuts could occur.
  • Xeno gives a piece of advice to Kaseki.
  • Suika is chosen as the member who will be hidden so that she could revive her teammates later. Francois accompanies Suika.
  • Stanley’s team arrives and starts searching for Dr Xeno.
  • A spider bites Charlotte, Suika rushes to help her.
  • Suika then applies the ointment that Senku made on Charlotte but is discovered by the other soldiers.
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Where To Read Dr Stone Chapter 185?

There are two ways to read the manga for free. You can read Dr Stone 185 on Viz Media’s official website or on Shueisha Japan’s official Manga Plus mobile website and app. These sources provide the latest chapters of your favorite manga available for free. For reading the complete manga you have to pay.

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