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Chainsaw Man Chapter 97 Spoilers Raw Scans Release Date

Chainsaw man manga is on a very interesting roll and Denji is phenomenal with every new chapter. Chainsaw Man Chapter 97 is dropping this week and fans are already very hyped about seeing Denji in action.

Before talking about Chainsaw Man 97 we have got two very important pieces of news to tell you. The first one is, Chainsaw Man Manga is ending this week with Chainsaw Man Chapter 97 but the second part of the manga is already announced and will be published digitally on Shonen Jump+.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 97 Raw Spoilers Release Date
Chainsaw Man Chapter 97

For the release date of Chainsaw Man Manga Part 2 nothing has been confirmed yet so we will have to wait a little more for a release date. But, It might get disclosed at this month’s Jump Festa Event.

The second news is more important and I am sure you will absolutely love it. Chainsaw Man Anime has been confirmed and the studio animating the manga is also announced. Studio MAPPA will be handling the animation for the Chainsaw Man Anime. We have also covered all the details we know so far about the Chainsaw Man Anime Adaptation. You can check them here.

MAPPA studio is a very prominent studio which is currently animating two very popular titles – Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan Season 4. So we can rest assure that Chainsaw Man Anime is in good hands.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 97 Release Date

Chainsaw Man Chapter 97 is slated to be released on 13th December 2020. Chainsaw Man will be on the cover of this week’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue. Chainsaw Man 97 will be released with other Shonen Jump titles like Black Clover Chapter 275, My Hero Academia Chapter 294, Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 133, One Piece Chapter 998, and others.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 97 Release DateDecember 13th, 2020
Chainsaw Man Chapter 97 Raw ScansDecember 10th, 2020

Chainsaw Man Chapter 97 Raw Scans

Chainsaw Man Chapter 97 Raw Scans are out on various social sharing websites and you can find them very easily. We are also sharing a tweet from a Twitter user who shared the Chainsaw Man Chapter 97 Raw Scans on his timeline.

But these raw scans are in the Japanese language and we will have to wait for the chapter to get released in English. Till then, We have also covered the spoilers on the basis of leaked Chainsaw Man 97 Raw Scans and pictures. You can check them in the spoilers section below –

Chainsaw Man Chapter 97 Spoilers

These spoilers are based on the leaked images and Raw Scans. If you are sensitive to the spoilers we recommend you do not read this section and wait for the official release. (SPOILERS WARNING)

Chainsaw Man 97 Raw Spoilers Release Date
Chainsaw Man 97
  • Denji is enjoying Makima’s dishes.
  • Denji walks Makina’s dog.
  • Kishibe and Denji meet at a park.
  • Children are playing with Makima’s dog.
  • A girl stares at Denji and bites his finger.
  • The bite resembles Makima.
  • Makima lost her sense
  • Makima’s new name is Nayuta
  • Part 2 of Chainsaw man Manga has been already announced for an undisclosed release date.

Where to read Chainsaw Man Chapter 97?

You can read the Chainsaw Man Manga officially on two mediums. Viz Media provides the English version for the manga chapters every week and you can read them on their official website. You can read the latest 3 chapters without paying anything but for the complete manga, you must buy the subscription or plan. Also, you can read it on the Manga Plus app and website which is officially from Shueisha Japan.

These are all Chainsaw Man Chapter 97 spoilers we can interpret at the current time. For the exact story and details, we will have to wait for the official chapter. Till then, You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates about Chainsaw Man 97 raw scans, spoilers, and more details.

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