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Boku no My Hero Academia 298 Chapter Raw Scans, Spoilers Released

Everyone is waiting for Boku no My Hero Academia 298 after Chapter 297 ended on a very high note and the rumored Prison Break Arc actually happened and all the prisoners have fled from the prison.

In the last chapter, we saw that The facility to control and bound humanity’s most dangerous enemies have been breached. Shigaraki did this with the help of modified nomu to free his master All for one but now every prisoner is free and the task force can not stop them.

Boku no My Hero Academia 298 Raw Scans Spoilers Release

We saw many anti-heroes with destructive powers and they are on the loose so it is going to very tough for our heroes as in the end it must be controlled by them. The villains soon will be approaching the city.

My Hero Academia Season 5 was announced some time ago and is scheduled to be released in upcoming March. Make sure to check out all the details available on MHA Season 5.

Boku no My Hero Academia 298 Release Date

Boku no My Hero Academia 298 is releasing this Sunday on 24th January 2021 in the 8th Issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. The raw scans and spoilers for the chapter are out and can be seen in the respective sections below

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Boku no My Hero Academia 298 Release Date24th January 2021
Boku no My Hero Academia 298 Raw Scans Release21 January 2021

Boku No My Hero Academia 298 Raw Scans

Boku No My Hero Academia 298 Raw Scans are out and we are attaching a piece of it so you can the exact idea of what is going to happen next in the upcoming chapter of Boku no hero academia manga.

We have also covered the spoilers for Bnha 298 in Boku No My Hero Academia 298 Spoilers section. You can read them below and get brief details about the chapter.

Boku no My Hero Academia 298 Spoilers

Boku no My Hero Academia MHA BNHA Chapter 298 Raw Scans Spoilers Release
  • My Hero Academia Chapter 298 Title: “Crumbling Sound”
  • Bakugo wakes up after being severely injured in the last fight.
  • Aizawa has regained his conscious too.
  • Gran Torino is safe and regained consciousness
  • Todoroki’s face is fully bandaged but he is okay.
  • Midoriya is still unconciouss.
  • Natsuo and Fuyumi pay a visit to Endeavour in the hospital.
  • Todoroki says that Dabi’s fire was too strong and full of hatred.
  • This reminded Todoroki of his old days when he used to be angry all the time.
  • Todoroki can not speak much as his throat was burned by fire.
  • Bakugo tries to go to Deku’s room to check on him but Mineta and Satoo try to stop him as he is also seriously injured.
  • Bakugo says that ‘I will kill that Bast**d if he dies’
  • Heroes are recovering from the last battle but Villains have started wrecking the city.
  • There are no heroes when they are needed the most.
  • No clue about Tenya and Tamaki and Denki but they are probably somewhere getting treated as it is not gonna happen that the writer won’t reveal anything if their lives were in danger.
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Where to Read BNHA 298?

Either you can read it on Viz Media’s official website or on Shueisha Japan’s official Manga Plus mobile app and website. These sources provide the latest chapters of your favorite manga available for free but for reading the complete version you have to pay. These are the two official ways that can get you the My Hero Academia manga’s latest chapters for free.

These are all available details for My hero academia 298 at this moment and if we receive any more information on Bnha 298 then we will update this article as soon as possible. You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates about MHA 298 spoilers and Bnha 298 raw scans.

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