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Blue Lock Chapter 134 Raw Scans, English Spoilers, Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 134 will be covering Aiku’s past. How he ended up being a defender in the world where strikers gets all the glory. Read the spoilers below to find out more.

In the last chapter most of the time we saw Barou showing his egoistic game while trying to devour both his teammates and opponents. Barou took a direct shot instead of passing the ball to Isagi and it missed the goal.

Blue Lock Chapter 134 Raw Scans, English Spoilers, Release Date Read

Yukimiya took the ball and proceeded towards the goal by defeating U-20 defense and took a clear shot but out of nowhere, Aiku saved the goal. Yukimiya couldn’t believe what just happened and how Aiku predicted his shot but now it’s time for Aiku to shine.

Blue Lock Chapter 134 Release Date:

Blue Lock Chapter 134 will be released on Wednesday, June 10, 2021, in the upcoming Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Blue Lock Chapter 134 Release Date9th June 2021
Blue Lock Chapter 134 Raw Scans Release8th June 2021

Blue Lock Chapter 134 Raw Scans:

Blue Lock Chapter 134 Raw Scans are released. You can check some of them below. Blue Lock is also receiving a color page this week.

Blue Lock Chapter 134 English Spoilers:

  • Aiku initially wanted to become a striker but his coach told him that he could use his body more effectively at defense.
  • Aiku played defense but did not enjoy it.
  • He confronted his coach about the issue but things remain the same.
  • He considers himself responsible as the striker inside him died long ago and he was just pinning it on others.
  • But now he is thinking that that time is over and now he will stop this mass production of strikers.
  • In the match, Rin has the ball and now Aiku and Rin will be playing one on one.
  • At first, Aiku struggles but he manages to get the ball to Sae.

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