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Blue Lock Chapter 132 Raw Scans, English Spoilers, Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 132 will start with King Barou Shouei entering the battle of egoists. Spoilers and raw scans have been released for the upcoming chapter, you can read them below.

The last chapter of Blue Lock Manga started with Shidou Ryusei’s celebration of his supergoal but Itashi Sae was not having it and slams Ryusei’s head into the ground and said he will celebrate after he scores a hat trick. At this rate, Blue Lock Eleven is going to lose as the opponents are clearly overwhelming them.

Blue Lock Chapter 132 Raw Scans, English Spoilers, Release Date Read Leaks Reddit English

Secretary asked about what is Ego’s plan but Ego said that he has nothing beyond this. Isagi asked for Ego’s help as but Ego said that Blue Lock has already won and even if Blue Lock disappears the guys on the ground will not disappear. Isagi was not buying it and said he wants to win no matter what. On the last page, Ego opened his last card as Barou can be seen barging into the ground.

Blue Lock Chapter 132 Release Date:

Blue Lock Chapter 132 will be released on Wednesday, May 19, 2021, in the upcoming Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Blue Lock Chapter 132 Release Date26th May 2021
Blue Lock Chapter 132 Raw Scans Release25th May 2021

Blue Lock Chapter 132 Raw Scans:

Blue Lock Chapter 132 Raw Scans are released. You can check some of them below.

Blue Lock Chapter 132 English Spoilers:

  • Barou comes to the ground and says to Isagi that his play is boring.
  • Secretary is tensed because they never played in this formation.
  • Ego says that he is aware of that but they have already exceeded his expectations.
  • On the ground, Barou says to Nagi that is he dead after scoring one goal?.
  • The game restarts and Blue Lock Eleven is focusing on getting the ball in Barou Zone.
  • But opponents from the U-20 team are also ready.
  • It’s Hayate Haru’s time to shine.
  • Hayate read blue lock eleven’s moves and blocks Isagi but Barou is in the zone and leading his way towards the goal but it’s too early for Hayate to give up.
  • More to be revealed in the next chapter (133).

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