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Black Clover Chapter 342 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date

Yami killing his own clan was indeed true and it is shown in Black Clover Chapter 342 although the reason why Yami had to go that way is not revealed yet. Read till the end for complete info.

In the last chapter, we saw that training of Asta was still going on and on Ryuuga’s request, three members of Ryuzen joined Asta for helping him. Asta got beaten by all of them even when they were not using any powers only brute force. Then Asta talked about the Zetten technique and said that he needs to work on that. Then Ichika came looking for Asta, he was laying on a rock.

Black Clover Chapter 342 Spoilers Raw Scans Release date Viz Leaks Reddit Read English Mangaplus
Ichika’s Warrior Form [Credits – @iluvluvnutella]

He asked her age and she said that she is 24 years old, and Asta is 18. Ichika said that she does not like Asta but she respects Ryuuga and his orders. Ryuuga uses ‘Clairvoyance’ to govern the country and can see anything that is going on in present. Asta did not understand and Ichika said the same thing.

Ichika thinks very highly of Ryuuga as he was the one who saved her. Then Asta started talking about Captain Yami and how he was the first person who acknowledged him, Ichika told him to stop and then said he was the one who killed their entire clan. The chapter ended with a flashback from their childhood.

Black Clover Chapter 342 Release Date

Black Clover 342 will be released in this week’s Weekly shonen jump issue on Sunday, 30th October 2022 as per Viz Media’s official release schedule. The spoilers and raw scans are already out, you can read them below.

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Black Clover Chapter 342 Release Date30th October 2022
Black Clover Chapter 342 Raw Scans Release27th October 2022

Black Clover Chapter 342 Raw scans

Black Clover Chapter 342 Raw scans are out and we are going to witness the story of Yami and Ichika’s past in the land of the sun. Raw scans are added below.

Black Clover Chapter 342 Raw Scans
The first scan shows the legend of the Five-headed dragon and the celestial maiden who made a deal to keep the land of the sun safe.
Black Clover Chapter 342 Raw Scans
This raw scan shows Yami’s abusive father who went to hit Ichika with a wooden sword as she reminded him of their mother and she was killed during childbirth. Yami saves her from the attack.
Black Clover Chapter 342 Raw Scans
This panel shows Yami after he wiped his own clan. Only Ichika survived except Yami as Ryuuga helped her.
Black Clover Chapter 342 Raw Scans
This scan shows Ichika in her warrior form as she will be fighting Asta with her full power after their argument about Yami.

Black Clover Chapter 342 Spoilers

  • Yami’s clan is descendants of an assassin group known as ‘Kijin’.
  • Asta has blind faith in Yami and says he can not do something like that.
  • Legends say that the Land of the Sun was invaded by a 5-headed dragon who was on a rampage.
  • Some celestial maiden made a deal with the dragon.
  • Then we see Ichika and Yami’s backstory.
  • Their father was an alcoholic.
  • He wanted to hit Ichika with a wooden sword.
  • Their father said that Ichika reminds him of their mother.
  • He said ‘She died giving birth to a woman. We do not need someone in the clan who can not fight’.
  • Looks like their mother died while giving birth to Ichika.
  • Yami saved her from the wooden sword attack.
  • Then they left the house.
  • Yami and Ichika went for some fishing and Ryuuga appeared there.
  • Ryuuga and Yami looked like best buddies there.
  • In the next panel, we see injured Ichika while Yami was holding a blood-soaked sword.
  • There are corpses everywhere around Yami.
  • At present, Ichika calls Yami a liar who killed his clan and then ran away to a foreign country to live his life.
  • She says to Asta that he can not be trusted.
  • Asta says he had faith in him.
  • Ichika says that she has seen it with her own eyes.
  • Asta then gets ready to fight Ichika and says that he will not accept it.
  • Ichika says that this time she is serious and will teach Asta a lesson for real.
  • Ichika then pulls a scroll ‘Dark Yojutsu: dark cloaked black warrior’.
  • The chapter ends with Ichika saying that she does not care even if he dies.
Black Clover 342 Spoilers Raw Scans Release date Viz Leaks Reddit Read English Mangaplus

Where to read Black Clover 342?

You can read Black Clover Chapter 342 officially in two different ways. You can either read it on Viz media’s official website which is an official partner with Shonen Jump for English subbing or you can read the latest chapter on the Manga Plus app and website.

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