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Black Clover Chapter 276 Raw Scans Spoilers Release

Black Clover Chapter 276 is just about the corner and fans can’t wait for its release. The ongoing fight between the Magic Knights and the Dark Triads will continue in Black Clover 276 while on the other side the resistance team will try to save Yami and William by defeating enemies.

In the previous chapter, Vice-Captain Nacht explains to everybody how does this ritual work and how they will stop it. Nacht will be leading the attacking group and Asta is set to join the group very soon. But enemies also know about Nacht’s team location and they are approaching.

Black Clover Chapter 276 Raw Scans Spoilers Release
Black Clover Chapter 276

Black Clover 276 will start the fights and Yuno will be facing Zenon in the first fight while Nacht and Asta with his demon Liebe will provide assistance but it is going to be very difficult as the enemies are familiar with the area.

Black Clover Chapter 276 Release Date

Black Clover chapter 276 is releasing in this week’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue with other titles like – One Piece Chapter 999, My Hero Academia Chapter 295, and others.

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Black Clover Chapter 276 Release Date20th December 2020
Black Clover Chapter 276 Raw Scans17th December 2020

Black Clover Chapter 276 Raw Scans

Black Clover Chapter 275 Raw Scans are not out yet but we will update them and attach them with this article as soon as they get get released so keep checking.

We have also covered the spoilers based on the leaked raw scans and pictures so you can read them in the Black Clover Chapter 276 Spoilers section below

Black Clover Chapter 276 Spoilers

As revealed in the last chapter, Asta might play a very crucial role in the rescuing Yami and William. The battle against the Legendary Ancient Demon began and Mereoleona is giving a very tough fight to the ancient demon. More of this fight will be revealed in Black Clover Chapter 276.

Black Clover 276 Raw Scans Spoilers Release
Black Clover 276

On the other side the invasion team is trying their stop to stop the Qlipoth Tree ritual. Nacht also revealed how they can stop the ritual using Antimagic but was not sure of this method.

  • Asta will help in rescuing captain Yami and William.
  • Noelle might make an entrance to help the Nacht’s team.
  • The fights will start with Yuno vs Zenon
  • The invasion and resistance teams have reached the Spade Kingdom
  • Asta is working on his Devil Union technique to gain control over the Liebe’s power.
  • We will update more spoilers as soon as the new raw scans get released.
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Where to read Black Clover Chapter 276?

You can read Black Clover 276 officially in two different ways. You can either read it on Viz media’s official website which is official partner with Shonen Jump for English subbing or you can read the latest chapter on the Manga Plus app and website.

These sources have some chapters listed free for reading but for the entire manga, you have to buy a membership plan or subscription plan. You can also follow us on Facebook for more updates and details about Black Clover 276 Spoilers and more.

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