Meet our first sponsor: AnimeAtlas

AnimeAtlas was founded with one idea in mind: provide the anime community affordable merchandise, with no sacrifice to quality. Although AnimeAtlas has changed and grown since its conception, every action taken within the company resolutely follows those original ideals.

AnimeAtlas was founded in Southern California by three high school students who loved sharing and watching anime. At first, AnimeAtlas only sold posters, and business wasn’t particularly “booming”; Eventually, however, AnimeAtlas slowly expanded into selling other items, like shoes and clothing, because of suggestions from people in the community.

AnimeAtlas Sneaker Shoes

Our flagship products are our anime sneakers, which depict characters from anime like Naruto and One Piece. AnimeAtlas, providing its own Anime expertise, works together with talented shoemakers in order to create a wide variety of shoes, each with its own style and color pattern. One way AnimeAtlas provides its products is via the many businesses it partners with throughout Southern California.

One of these small businesses is JHFB Apparel, we work with them to make high-quality embroidered hoodies, crews, and soon, hats. Working with local businesses allows the AnimeAtlas team to verify the quality of its products so that the customer gets the best experience possible. Furthermore, we can take suggestions from the community, and work with our manufacturers to quickly act on those suggestions.

AnimeAtlas Clothing

Tying back to AnimeAtlas’ founding principles, to provide affordable and quality merchandise to the anime community. So far, AnimeAtlas has made good on its goal to give back to the anime community, but what about the world as a whole? Anime has given us great jokes, and exhilarating battles, but it is a harsh and isolated reality that many people don’t even have the means to watch anime in the first place.

In order to give back, AnimeAtlas has partnered with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every order placed on the website. Trees for the Future works directly with farmers to educate them, and plants many species of trees in order to create a balanced, sustainable, ecosystem. Ultimately, The journey through rough beginnings as a poster business to the phenomenal.

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